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== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==
Hi everyone.
Hi everyone.
I am Harsh Verma, student of B.Tech. in Information Technology discipline in [  Dr. B.C. Roy Engineering College], Durgapur.  
I am Harsh Verma, pursing my B.Tech. in Information Technology .I am a resident of Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand
I am a resident of Bokaro Steel City, Jharkand and I joined BCREC in 2007 after completing my CBSE from [ Delhi Public School,Bokaro] ,Jharkhand.
== About myself ==
== About myself ==

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Harsh Verma


Hi everyone. I am Harsh Verma, pursing my B.Tech. in Information Technology .I am a resident of Bokaro Steel City, Jharkhand

About myself

Linux,it just happened to me quite a long ago when one of my bro told me to know something about linux and Red Hat.That time i was like simple kid busy orkuting n stuff like that.But by the time i was in engineering college and had a chance to read complete refernce Red Hat(although i looked that very casually).Then came the real stuff,i had a chance to meet Kushal das.I went to meet him not only that i was very much interested in fedora and linux but basically because in hostel the room and the bed which was alloted to me was the same which Kushalda used when he was in hostel.After meeting him i came know what Fedora is all about.Most significant role which really pushed me in this stuff was played by my friend Ratnadeep(better known as rtnpro) and Kishan(hot stuff serving lollypop to me).

Besides, I am an avid lover of music and love listening soft numbers...I am not a band addict guy!!! Also, I love to play games... . I just love playing counter strike.Love reading novels specially when travelling.Apart from that i have someone very special(secret one) who inspires,listens me,a real super duper stuff.Now comes studies ... I can't say much on this , just this, "I Was Born Intelligent, But Education Ruined Me".

  • Contact Details :-
  • IRC Nick : yevlempy
  • Email ID :

How DGPLUG Happened

Kushal visited our college premises again during the spring and this time, I was ready to begin my learning. Having collected all the required materials and jotted down the instructions I began my journey with Fedora which has been full of ups and downs till now. It has been a bumpy road but I am not willing to give up yet.

DGPLUG Summer Training '08

This was told to me by my two great friends.I registered for it,although late(thanks to kushal da).but alas could not join it coz of my foolishness,and got my name struck of from there.Although i the irclogs but always hate myself for not joining the camp.


  • Revisiting programming fundamentals
  • Get acquainted with Free Software technologies
  • Gaining technical knowledge
  • Real-world project experience

Thanks to all those at DGPLUG for taking the pain to organize such a wonderful program and the trainers rishi, mbuf, pjp, kushal, and techno_freak (it is because of your assignment that I learnt all this). Thank you all. To know more about the Summer Training click here.

Bijra High School Project

This yet a another great thing which has happened to me till date.The kids there and stuff out there really amaze me sometimes.I cant express how it feel's spending time and teaching kids out there(who are very eager to learn something even more than a international school guy).This is something which i would have always love to do.

To know more about the Bijra stuff click [1]