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Real name

Abhishek Kumar

About me

I am a software Engineer form RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. I am big big.. fan of OPEN SOURCE world. I have contributed to the OPEN SOURCE by giving information of Linux over MS Windows, and installtion information of various flavours of linux.

I have used linux ever since I came to know about it(starting of Engineering level). I have spend most of my life time to exploring the Linux system. Linux is Science to deeply uderstand the computer Science world.

Some Cool Things I Have Done:-

  • Created my own websites using Apache Server(open source software) over intra network.
  • Completed various project Like "Extendible Hashing", "Creating own Shell" etc. using GCC (GNU C/C++ Compiler).
  • Learn to Install many software through 'make', 'rpm' command.
  • Expert in installing various version of Linux.

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