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If you're going to be away and you need someone to watch your packages and/or you want to let people know you won't be responding to email then add an entry here. Please remove your listing when you return.

Name Fedora Username Start Date Return Date Notes
Paul Frields pfrields 2010-11-20 2010-11-28 Vacation, occasional access
Dennis Gilmore ausil 2010-10-30 2010-11-22 Vacation, occasional access
Andrew Colin Kissa topdog 2010-10-20 ??? Working on a project, unlikely to find time for Fedora
Simon Wesp cassmodiah 2010-08-30 ??? lightning strike destroyed all my electronic stuff. sporadic access
  • Please keep sorted alphabetically by surname
  • Please use ISO-8601 dates (YYYY-MM-DD)