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This is a list of the reported issues with www.fp.o post-release.

Feel free to edit it and add stuff.

Please try to provide: - your web browser (version number) - screen resolution - anything else that might be appropriate (screenshots are helpful)

Open Issues

  • First page load, slideshow 'throws up' over screen. Shift+reload appears to resolve the issue. Not sure why though. Cached CSS?
  • Zoom in at 5x - download button on front page slide disappears
  • Turn off JS - weird things happen -- should be fixed, waiting confirmation -- Sijis
  • Green on the downloads pages is too intense green (mattl on
  • More spacing on main navbar would be nice if possible (mattl on
  • Typo on get fedora > by format: s/by formats/by format --Sijis 04:32, 28 October 2010 (UTC)Sijis
  • didn't launch, link to it points to plain index.html Should be live now (sijis)
  • On the front page [1] displays only English version of countdown banner (regardless of the language selected), here [2] everything is fine. (Alexander Smirnov)
  • from dbs on @fabsh New site looks weird on Chromium on Fedora 13 64-bit for me; fine with Firefox though.
  • identica: @qu1j0t3 ..... // great start, but too text heavy. refactor
  • '¿' character for es is mirrored for some bizarre reason - noticeable on the front page. A bug with Cantarell? Appears to work fine with Comfortaa.
  • Misc Windows issues, documented here:
  • on IRC by "ultrav1olet". The main concern was that the embedded font looked horrible, especially in Windows, and that we should use that as a alternative font, not as the primary one. The example screenshot given was:

Difficult to reproduce

  • slideshow images not loading at all for Gurhan Ozen, mizmo will try to reproduce with him


  • notting ran into a weird issue where the title on the first slide was rendering much too small. it turned out to be client-side CSS he didn' t know about - removing it fixed the issue

Future Work Suggestion

  • would be nice to update wiki skin to match new www.fpo
  • better panda for 404