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The list

If the task has more than one action that cannot be listed here, make a new wiki page for it and link to it from this list.

Stuff we talked about on August 18

  • Continuing usability research, which leads into new look & feel (JonRob)
    • usability testing and discussion at FUDCon Brno
    • summarize Boston + Brno results and then act on them
    • screencasts of people doing usability testing would be nice (quaid)
  • Scope requirements for a potential usage of a CMS underneath specific content delivery sites (quaid)
    • eg:,
    • 1. Scope need, vet solutions -- mid Sep.
    • 2. Bring up docs.fp.o -- early Oct.
    • 3. Tweak through F10 release
    • 4. After F10, migrate www. to tweaked solution
  • (ylynfatt)
  • update docs.fp.o look & feel (tw2113)

Old Stuff?

We are scared of being stale, so we move anything that isn't being actively worked on from above to this list. It is not yet a dead list; think of it more as batter's box, where a task waits for its chance at being attended to. Another analogy is the side-burner; it's not put entirely on the back of the stove and turned off, it is more set on the side burners and turned to simmer.

Task Name Owner Target Date Status/Notes
get-fedora JuanCamiloPrada (juank_prada), CraigThomas Review weekly More mock-ups and designs will come, to give us a better idea of what we want MairinDuffy (mizmo), MaxSpevack (spevack) Review weekly Websites/Spins
Websites' Infrastructure RickyZhou (ricky) Review weekly We need a sitemap for www.fp.o and subdomains. What kind of release process should we have?
Common look and feel CraigThomas Review weekly Next up on the hit list is - progress is being followed on list
Usability testing JonathanRoberts (jonrob), IanWeller (ianweller) Review weekly
Wiki Content Sponsorship - Plugin KarstenWade (quaid) Review weekly Look for a plugin to automate page sponsorship management in MW
Licenses JonathanRoberts Review next week Speak with TomCallaway about current status and Board's recommendation
Group join interstitial pages in FAS ??? ASAP People need to see/read a page that tells them what to do before requesting various FAS group accesses. One early action is to remove the redundant Apply for a new Group link.
Page Requests anybody ASAP Page requests at