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XIII Fórum Goiano de Software Livre


  • Created in 2003 by the Free Software Community of the State of Goiás, Brazil, the FGSL brings up topics on Free Software usage, production and diffusion in the State of Goiás,


  • November 18-19, 2016


  • Venue: Instituto de Física e CA-A, UFG - Campus Samambaia
  • City / State: Goiânia / GO
  • Country: Brazil

Organization Team

Name Tasks
Athos Ribeiro Fedora Packaging, Community Event
Frederico Lima Fedora Packaging, L10N, Community Event
Ana Mativi Ambassadors, L10N, Community Event


Name City Arrival Departure Hotel Need travel subsidy? Credential
Athos Ribeiro São Paulo, Brazil November 18th November 20th Yes Yes Speaker
Ana Mativi Porto Alegre, Brazil November 18th November 20th Yes Yes Speaker
Frederico Lima Brasília, Brazil November 18th November 20th No No Speaker

Fedora Activities at FGSL

FGSL User Groups

Fedora will have a room at FGSL's 1st day, where the Ambassadors will talk to people attending the conference, helping them with technical questions and distributing swag material (stickers, pins whatever).

Fedora Activities at FGSL

Day Type Talk room hour Speaker(s) Details
2 lecture 11 Athos Ribeiro & Frederico Lima Package management
2 lecture 9 Ana Mativi & Frederico Lima L10N Team
2 lecture 10 Ana Mativi, Athos Ribeiro & Frederico Lima Join Fedora and open Q&A


Ana and I used airbnb. Fred had family in Goiania, so he did not need to stay with us.


See the following tickets: