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Fedora Long Sleeve White Button Up Shirt

After being envious of EMEA and Latin America shirts, we decided to make our own long sleeve button up shirts for North America.

The requirements for this shirt were:

  • high quality (fabric)
  • easy to wash [embroidery based logos/text(stitched not printed)]
  • long sleeve
  • long life time
  • independent from events and Fedora t-shirt versions
  • Ambassador agnostic, any Fedora Fan or Contributor might like
  • match the Logo Guidelines

The only problem with quality, is the attached increased price tag, that is, the shirts are not cheap. The cost per shirt is around $30 USD per shirt plus shipping. ($2 additional for every X over XL, so for example an XXXL would be $34)

Being Worn
Folded Down
Close up of Embroidery

People who want shirts

I've worked it out with the supplier, you can order your shirts directly.

Embroid Me (361) 334-0898

Hours: 8:00a - 5:00p Central time, Monday - Friday

They're set up to take credit card payments, and can do 1 shirt orders for the above pricing. Generally the shirts will take 2 weeks to be completed and shipped, so expect them in 2-3 weeks after order.