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The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at Fedora Ambassadors Revamp 2020.

To ensure team coherency the Ambassadors project holds meetings regularly on IRC. Different regions have different schedules. Please refer to the section below for when the next meeting is.

Time and Place

Meetings are held in one of the #fedora-meeting[?] channels, check Ambassadors Calendar for reference. More information about this channel, please visit #fedora-meeting channel introduction.

Check Ambassadors calendar for meeting times and place
Meeting locations, dates, and times are no longer maintained on the wiki. Please refer to the Ambassadors Calendar in Fedocal to find specific regional meetings.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are stored in Møte, the tool that collects all Meetbot meeting minutes and displays them in a website. This helps make it easier to see past meetings and read the summaries. You can find meetings for each region below.