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This is an Ambassadors SOP that describes how to create an Ambassadors SOP. (we are freaks!)


You can see examples of past Ambassadors SOPs at Category:Ambassadors SOPs.


  1. Create a new wiki page and use the Ambassadors SOP wiki page template instructions to automatically populate it with the correct categories and an outline for content.
  2. After you've saved the template into your SOP page for the first time, you can go back and fill in details and instructions with subsequent edits to the wiki page. That template is meant to be a suggestion/aide to make life easier, so don't feel compelled to stick to it if you think a different format will work better for you - but do keep the categories at the bottom!
  3. Announce your newly-created SOP to the Ambassadors mailing list so others will know about it.

Improve this SOP!

If you see a way to improve this SOP, please go ahead and edit the page - you don't need to ask for anyone's permission. Read more about our contribution philosophy here.