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= David Nalley =

  • Name: David Nalley
  • Email:
  • IRC: ke4qqq on freenode
  • Location: Liberty, SC, USA (about 30 minutes outside of Greenville, SC)
  • GPG KeyID: 0xE70D2357
  • GPG Key Fingerprint: 7D6C 0645 3BB5 5313 977F 9193 988F E70D 2357
  • Fedora Talk extension: 5100435

I am a recovering sysadmin who works as a Community guy for the CloudStack open source project

With Fedora I am involved in the following groups:

  • Ambassadors
  • Docs Project
  • Marketing
  • Infrastructure (I said I was recovering right?)
  • Board (currently serving my first term in an appointed slot)
  • Cloud-SIG
  • Packaging