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David Nielsen

I'm a 26 year old Fedora advocate presently located in Århus, Denmark. I've used Linux exclusively for more than 10 years now. I do public speaking on topics of Free Software, Fedora and specific desktop topics. I am very talented at breaking software so I have spend quite a lot of time ensuring that your Fedora system is stable by suffering it's multitude of bugs so you don't have to.

Standing Offer to review Mono packages

The Fedora package review process is rather encumbered with a number of bottlenecks, however the review process exists to ensure our high standard of packages. As there are few people willing to review Mono packages I will make a standing offer to review your Mono package. I do this because I think Mono and Mono applications are generally great and I wish dearly that Fedora becomes the best platform for using and developing Mono applications on. I'm hoping by doing this we will be able to more effectively pass through the review process. I actively use a lot of this software and I am active upstream as a tester for many Mono related projects so I also hope to stay active in your bugreport stream.

To take advantage of this offer simply add my email to the cc line of your review request and I will automatically be notified.

Contact Information

  • Fedora Account: dnielsen
  • Email: [[MailTo(dnielsen AT fedoraproject DOT org)] (please append [FEDORA] to the topic to maximize the chance of catching my eye, I apologize but I get a lot of mail and even more spam)
  • Blog : The GNOME Commentary (Also syndicated on Planet Fedora )
  • IRC: Lovechild on Freenode and GIMPNet
  • Jabber:
  • VoIP: skype:IamLovechild
  • Languages: English (en) and Danish (da_DK)

For those who wish to communicate with me securely (which I highly encourage), my GnuPG public key is available. It's fingerprint is: 93A1 12E8 8623 AE7D B8A3 14C5 5E4E 0C4D F333 A175