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Help With CVS

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CVS Procedures

or, CVS for Dummies, by Dummies

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Setting Up

You only need to follow the procedures in this section to prepare for first-time CVS use.

Make sure you have the cvs package installed. If not, use yum to do so:

  • yum
yum install cvs

We recommend that you set up a ~/fedora-cvs/ directory. You may then checkout one or more Fedora subprojects into subdirectories. For instance, if you work on documentation and software development, you would create both docs/ and extras/ subdirectories. Create a local alias in ~/.bashrc to change your CVSROOT based on which folder you use. Consult our page of example scripts for more information. [FIXME: As long as you want bash that __might__ work, I can take care of this later. -- PWF]

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The rest of this process document focuses only on FDP work.

If you have not handled CVSROOT in some other way, then edit your ~/.bashrc file. The following lines export a CVSROOT environment variable, and set cvs to use ssh for authentication to the CVS server.

export CVS_RSH=ssh

Open a new terminal, or source in the changes to ~/.bashrc with the following command:

. ~/.bashrc

Create a ~/.cvsrc with your favorite editor, containing the following lines:

cvs -z3
diff -uN
rdiff -uN
update -dP

If you get tired of the many status messages that cvs produces by default, change the first line to read cvs -qz3 instead.

Make the recommended directory structure if it does not exist:

mkdir -p ~/fedora-cvs/docs
cd ~/fedora-cvs/docs

Begin your CVS work by checking out the common files and the example tutorial.

cvs co docs-common
cvs co example-tutorial


Working with CVS

If You Make a Mistake