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Playing Games

By default, Fedora comes with a selection of 15 games. There are additional game packages that can be selected during installation. In addition, the Fedora Extras project has packages for many more games. You can install additional games after installation by using the Add/Remove program application, Pirut, and the Fedora Extras software repository. More information about this games repository can be found on the Fedora Extras Games Wiki:

Brief Description of Each Game

AisleRiot Solitaire A collection of dozens of solitaire games
Ataxx A disk-flipping game
Blackjack The classic casino card game
Five or More A version of the popular Color Lines game
Four-in-a-Row A four-in-a-row game played against the computer or another human opponent
FreeCell Solitaire Another huge collection of solitaire games
Iagno A Reversi-like disk flipping game
Klotski A group of sliding block puzzles
Mahjongg A tile-matching game with many variations
Mines A clone of a popular puzzle game
Nibbles A worm or snake game
Robots The classic game of robots out of control
Same GNOME A puzzle game involving the strategic removal of groups of marbles
Tali A poker game played with dice
Tetravex A simple tile-matching game

For information about using these games, refer to the individual Help > Contents menu within each game.

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