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Accessing the Web

Fedora uses Mozilla Firefox by default to access the World Wide Web (Web). Firefox is a multi platform, standards-compliant Web browser.

Features of Mozilla Firefox include:

  • Tabbed Browsing: Separate tabs for each Webpage are provided, all within one Firefox window.
  • Extensions and Plugins: Various extensions and plugins are available that support new features, such as search fields directly in the toolbar.
  • Small and Fast: By focusing on providing an extendable Web browser, Firefox is smaller and faster than other browers

Starting Firefox

You can start Firefox by selecting Applications > Internet > Firefox Web Browser or by using the menu panel icon:

File:Docs DesktopUserGuide Web firefoxicon.png

Going Further

Firefox has support for different plugins that extend its capabilities. This framework allows anyone to create extensions and plugins.

You can find more information on Firefox at:


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