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As announced and discussed on the f-docs-l, the Docs Team is attempting to take advantage of people's down time from work over the holidays to get some work done. We are proposing virtual hackfest days beginning December 27th to January 4th. If you would like to volunteer to lead or attend a hackfest please add your name below.

The hackfest is a time when we can gather together on IRC to work together using all the collaborative tools at our disposal. We will also supplement this with phone conferences as needed using Fedora Talk, to maximize our efficiency. If you don't know how Fedora Talk works, stop by our IRC channel and look for quaid, Sparks, ianweller, or stickster.

Tasks to be scheduled

Wiki Work

  • Finish F9 User Guide modifications
  • Update F9 User Guide to F10

Wiki to XML

  • Post F9 User Guide -> F10, convert to XML Scheduled but needs a later date
  • Move completed security drafts to XML

Creation Work

  • None unscheduled


IRC: #fedora-docs on freenode IRC network

Talk (VoIP): Extension 2008

gobby collaboration tool

We will also need some tools installed - an editor (Emacs, vi, Gedit, Eclipse, etc.), publican, 'Authoring and Publishing' yum group, 'fedora-doc-utils' (possibly), git/svn/cvs

For assistance, stop by #fedora-docs and/or ask on the mailing list and we'll get each of those things sorted out.

Saturday, December 27th

Convert Installation Guide to Publican and document the process

Start Time: 0200 UTC

End time: 0600 UTC

NOTE: Could move to happen concurrently on Sunday.

Leader: quaid

Followers: laubersm


Sunday, December 28th

Rewrite User Guide to Fedora 9

Start Time: TBA

End Time: Till Finished

Leader: danielsmw

Followers: quaid

Status: Almost Done Output: [User Guide|]

Work on Security Guide Draft Items

Start Time: 19:00 EST (29 Dec 00:01 UTC)

End Time: 22:00 EST (29 Dec 03:00 UTC)

Leader: Sparks <- I may be late. /me stayed out of town an extra day.

Followers: Jmtaylor

Monday, December 29th

Hackfest Topic

Start Time: TBA

End Time: TBA

Leader: TBA


Tuesday, December 30th

Cleaning Up Docs Project process

In its ideal form this is going to look like spring cleaning -- a lot of garbage bags on the curb and hopefully more space for useful things. :-)

Start Time: 1000 EST

End Time: 1800 EST

Leader: Paul W. Frields

Followers: --McD, quaid

Sparks - Probably later in the day as I have to work.

Ian Weller will probably be around.

laubersm will probably be around.

danielsmw will try to drop in for a few hours here and there.

Wednesday, December 31st

Post F9 User Guide -> F10, convert to XML

Start Time: TBA

End Time: TBA

Leader: Betty Harvey

NOTE: Time is dependent upon the data. Tools used will be dependent upon the format of the data. Without seeing the data the process will be Omnimark --> well-formed XML. Then use XSLT process to get the data into validated Docbook.

Followers: quaid, danielsmw

More Docs Project process docs

Finish implementing anything from the previous day's hackfest.

Start Time: 1500 UTC

End Time: 0000 UTC

Leader: quaid

Followers: laubersm

Thursday, January 1st

Hackfest Topic

Start Time: TBA

End Time: TBA

Leader: TBA


Friday, January 2nd

Page renaming for fun and profit

Start Time: probably about 11am CST, 17:00 UTC

End Time: Whenever I want to strangle the authors of MediaWiki, or when we've fixed the entire wiki (probably about midnight CST, 06:00 UTC next day)

Leader: Ian Weller

Followers: all of the rest of you + danielsmw

Saturday, January 3rd

Hackfest Topic

Start Time: TBA

End Time: TBA

Leader: TBA


Sunday, January 4th

Hackfest Topic

Start Time: TBA

End Time: TBA

Leader: TBA