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FAD Details

  • Date: 31st May 2009
  • Place: Berjaya Times Square Hotel & Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Room: Hackathon Hall


  • Syamsul Anuar a.k.a Wariola
  • Izhar Firdaus Kagesenshi
  • Mohd Syafarul Razi
  • Khairul Anwar Kulll
  • Adli Azaddin Digitalwound
  • Shuhir Idris Selpiso
  • Mohd Hanafiah Muhamad
  • bot4k
  • Eric Yeoh


  • KVM Virtualization Demo - Wariola
  • Fedora Desktop
  • Learn RPM Packaging - Kage
  • Live USB Creation Session
  • CD Giveaways


Title time speaker notes
Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL) Overview 1030-1100 Mohd Syafarul Razi
Fedora Live USB 1100-1130 Khairul Anwar
How to get involved in Fedora Project 1200-1230 Izhar
KVM Virtualization as easy as 123 in Fedora 1345-1415 Syamsul Anuar Abd Nasir
SE Linux in a nutshell 1415-1500 Eric Yeoh
RPM Packaging HOWTO 1500-1545 Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail
Jboss: What the fuss is all about? 1545-1645 Muhammad Shuhir Idris
Fedora 11: What's new? 1645-1745 Harish

Required Stuff

For Hackathon, it will be done in the Open Hall 31st May 2009

  • Notebooks - 1 for KVM Virtualization Demo (able to support VMX extension)
  • 1 Netbook for Sugar OLPC Demo at Kiosk
  • Projector for presentation
  • FreeMedia - Fedora 10 Cambrige, Fedora OLPC Spin and FEL Spin
  • Swags
  • Fedora brochures - Kage will assist in preparing, I will do the printing
  • Banners, Buntings and Posters
  • T-Shirts - Will be provided by Wariola, sponsored by Red Hat
  • Lanyards - Fedora and Red Hat Lanyards.. yummy
  • Decals - Lots of it!!
  • USB - Some USBs to given away installed with Fedora
  • Goodie Bags
  • Flyers (Fedora and Red Hat)


The Fedora Malaysia team will be provided a kiosk to showcase Fedora. As per discussion during the meeting of all committee member of MSC Open Source Conference, here are the theme that Fedora Malaysia to showcase:-

  • Fedora in Education - Sugar OLPC
  • Fedora in Electronics - FEL / DRN Demo (Eric and Razi pls take note)
  • KVM Virtualization
  • Revisor (to check the repo access, needs to create local repo if still wants to proceed)

The other distro team will showcase their distro with the predefine theme, so pls take note not to show something not listed here.


The kiosk needs only 1 or 2 Ambassador / Community member to be there to answer questions and show demo. So we need volunteers for this purpose. Pls list your name below

Volunteers / Fedora Exhibitor

Pls list your name below if you are interested to assist and volunteer to be at the kiosk. Pls note that Redhat will also showcasing Fedora at their main both, so your assistance might be needed there.

Volunteers will have free passes to the event and will be rewarded with free lunch and dinner. There will be 3 free passes everyday, so we will need to schedule the workload among us.

Volunteers List:-

  • Mohd Shuhir Idris
  • Kulll
  • Mohd Syafarul Razi
  • Syamsul Anuar a.k.a Wariola
  • Kagesenshi
  • Adli Azaddin


Fedora Activity Day (FAD) 2009 is the 1st ever event held by Fedora Malaysia Team. It was held in conjunction with MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 at Berjaya Times Square, KL. The event was sponsored by Red Hat APAC.

The event managed to gather participants around 60+ audience in the Manhattan 5 conference room. The event started by Harish Pillay and follow the schedule above. The Ambassadors and FOSS Community in Malaysia participate to talk briefly about Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL), Live USB Fedora, Howto participate in Fedora, KVM Virtualization, SELinux, JBoss, Packaging and the Q & A session about all things Fedora. Harish strategy of asking the audience what to expect and what is their question about Fedora that they want to be answered before end of event also generate excitement and sense of commitment from the audience.

The outcome mostly positive and generate interest around the audience about Fedora. There's event participant from the audience that offered to sponsor Fedora Malaysia team their base or official meetup place at their college and offering venue for the Fedora 11 launch party which we will be announcing soon.

After the event, the Malaysia team got a pat in the back by the organizer and also from Red Hat APAC team for a successful event. This event will hopefully being the big momentum going forward for Fedora in the near future.