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To-Do from J5

Here are some of the bits I need to move ahead:

  • Header when user is not logged in (e.g. what does the upper right look like)
  • Styling for the main header without tabs (e.g. Welcome back, Mairin) and with tabs (e.g. All Packages)
  • Styling for "Home" widget chrome (e.g. the smaller apps on right)
  • Styling for main layouts (e.g. 1 column, 2 columns, 2 columns with a search row on top, etc.) It would be nice if this is just a collection of styles and depending if I put a certain element in (such as the smaller widgets) the layout would change.
  • Table and list stylings (e.g. tables should look slick as in mockups and navigation list should not show the dots)
  • links without underlines (most links in the mockups did not have them)

Would be nice but not needed until later:

  • Planet fedora layout w/ hackergotchi and name on left with well spaced speech bubble on right - would also be nice to be able to swap left and right later on when we have conversation views
  • left tab highlights
  • top tab highlights