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I'm a Unix and Linux enthusiast and, lately, professional. I'm a Slackware and Red Hat / Fedora user. I dabble in code, I write a lot and have technical articles published in magazines, books, and online.

I attended uni for filmmaking, and have been lucky enough to work on several big-budget motion pictures, with post being done in New Zealand, where I currently reside. The company I worked for housed the southern hemisphere's largest super computer, for rendering, so I'm one of the few people who can say that I have run ffmpeg on an 80,000 core machine.

Sometimes I also do podcasts.


  • Gnu World Order is my personal Linux cast, and as far as I know the first podcast to release shows in Ogg Vorbis and Speex formats only (that is, no proprietary codecs are offered). The show discusses any geeky topic I want to cover.
  • Fedora Reloaded was a show that me and a friend had inherited and ran for a while, but sadly our schedules became to disparate to manage. The show died a quiet, untimely death.
  • Hacker Public Radio is a daily podcast for which I am a correspondent. I cover lots of different things on this show, including interviews with KDE devs, Fedora people, and even an episode on how to create an RPM using rpmbuild.


  • Email: klaatu at the domain of the third podcast listed above
  • Matrix: klaatu on
  • Fedora Account: klaatu
  • Mastodon: