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This is a work in progress (october 4th, 2016)
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The Fedora Localization Project - Localization administrator

The administrator is the support for Localization coordinators.

List of administrators

Issues they may solve

Typical use cases :

  1. I want to take coordinator role of a team but the previous coordinator do not answer anymore
  2. I want to change content on Zanata (like groups, welcome page)
  3. I need administrator help on trans@ mailing list
  4. I need administrator help on FAS groups
  5. I want to add a new language in Fedora



Those people are administrator of our tools, to help as superpower people when coordinators are stuck.

This role is not in competition with the group decision management we have : every coordinator has the possibility to assists G11N meetings and L10N meetings, to share ideas, lead projects, organize events, improve process, make communications.

The same way coordinators are the support for translators, administrators are like pillars supporting coordinators' work and making sure they are not stuck with tools configuration.

Tools included