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Fedora Packaging Committee Meeting of {2007-09-25}

There was an abbreviated meeting this week as many members were unable to attend.


  • JasonTibbitts (tibbs)
  • RexDieter (rdieter)
  • ToshioKuratomi (abadger1999)
  • VilleSkyttä (scop)


No new guidelines this week.


There was on-list voting which carried over to IRC for a quick proposal on naming TeX packages with a prefix of "tex-" instead of the current practise of naming them after the TeX distribution in use ("tetex-" or "texlive-").

Current votes are as follows:

  • Voting for: tibbs scop f13 abadger1999 (all on-list) rdieter (on IRC)
  • Voting against: (none)

The issue will te baken up again when spot is back from vacation.

The Python Eggs guidelines are still on the table, not having been discussed by FESCo last week.

Other Discussions

There was some on-list discussion regarding virtual provides for the TeX distribution packages which carried over slightly into the IRC meeting.

IRC Logs

[12:05:57]  <tibbs>    Anyone here for the FPC meeting?
[12:06:19]      * scop is here
[12:07:02]  <tibbs>    I'm actually conscious this week.
[12:08:09]  <rdieter>  here (mostly)
[12:08:28]  <tibbs>    Not going to get much done with three, I fear.
[12:09:41]  <tibbs>    lutter, f13, spot, abadger1999: FPC meeting?
[12:09:47]  <jeremy>   spot's on vacation
[12:09:51]  <tibbs>    Poo.
[12:09:53]  <f13>      I'm busy with other things.
[12:10:08]  <abadger1999>      here
[12:10:55]  <lutter>   tibbs: sorry .. on the phone (I'll jump in as soon as I am off)
[12:11:08]  <tibbs>    That would make five.
[12:11:29]  <tibbs>    Who called the on-list vote for the "tex-" prefix?
[12:12:07]  <abadger1999>      Spot made the proposal and I started off the voting.
[12:12:38]  <tibbs>    I think it recenved sufficient votes, but I'm not sure.
[12:13:49]  <abadger1999>      It has four +1s (tibbs, scop, f13, abadger1999) and spot proposed it but didn't explicitly vote.
[12:14:25]  <tibbs>    Five would do it but I'll hold off on passing it to FESCo until spot comes back.
[12:14:47]  <tibbs>    Somehow I missed any mention of him going away.
[12:15:02]  <rdieter>  I'm +1 to the proposal too, but think blocking on hearing from spot is a good idea too.
[12:15:14]  <tibbs>    Funny, too; vacation is when I get to work on Fedora.
[12:15:34]  <tibbs>    rdieter: I'll make a note of your vote in the minutes.
[12:18:35]  <abadger1999>      Hmm... FESCo didn't explicitly talk about anything the FPC might have passed last week.
[12:18:55]  <rdieter>  anything else for today?
[12:19:23]  <abadger1999>      Are python eggs a go or should we ping them to make sure they had a chance to see them and object.
[12:19:45]  <tibbs>    Unfortunately I wasn't with it at all last week.
[12:20:10]  <tibbs>    If FESCo didn't mention it at all then we shouldn't go ahead with it.
[12:20:42]  <tibbs>    Unfortunately Brian's out of it as well so FESCo meetings haven't been summarized for a while.
[12:20:59]  <tibbs>    rdieter: I think that's it unless someone wants to talk about the tex virtual provides.
[12:21:32]  <rdieter>  unless we're ready to vote (I don't think we are), then more discussion onlist makes sense there.
[12:21:54]  <abadger1999>      It sounds reasonable but I don't have the expertise to write the draft... I'd rather the Tex people brought it that far.
[12:22:13]  <rdieter>  +1, just no one (so far) seems willing to do that. ):
[12:24:50]  <abadger1999>      Okay.  I guess that's all.
[12:24:56]  <tibbs>    Yep, I think that's it.
[12:25:10]  <tibbs>    I'll make sure that Eggs is on FESCo's agenda this week.