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This test case tests the basic Gnome Shell desktop functionality.

More on Activities Overview.


  1. Boot into a GNOME 3 session with GNOME Shell

How to test

  1. Activate the overview by pressing the Win key, pressing Alt+F1, moving the mouse to the top-left corner of the screen, or using the mouse to click Activities from the panel
  2. List application using "Show Applications" or search for them.
  3. Run your favourite applications from left bar, "Show Applications" menu and by searching for them.
  4. Switch between "Frequent" and "All".
  5. Add application launcher to Dash (left bar) by drag & drop or by "right click" - "Add to Favorites". Remove them by drag & drop on "Show Applications" icon or "right click" - "Remove or Favorites".
  6. Drag the icon for a non-running application from the Dash or Applications menu to the last (empty) workspace in the right bar.
  7. Try moving various running applications between workspaces by dragging their miniatures in the workspace bar. Group some applications together in the same desktop.
  8. Try moving application window from the overview of the active workspace to another workspace in the workspace bar.
  9. Move all the applications out of one workspace.
  10. Close all running applications.
  11. Search for some files and directories located in your $HOME directory.

Expected Results

  1. Overview should be rendered correctly and smoothly.
  2. You can list all available applications and search for them. Some applications should be grouped in folders.
  3. "Frequent" contains latest or frequently used applications.
  4. Applications should run on currently selected workspace.
  5. Added applications launchers should stay in Dash (left bar) after logout-login and they can be removed by you.
  6. Dragging the icon from Dash or Applications menu to any workspace should launch the application on that workspace (or create a new window for running applications).
  7. Dragging running applications by moving their miniatures between workspaces should place the application windows in proper workspaces accordingly.
  8. Dragging a window out of an overview to another workspace should move the window accordingly.
  9. Closing or moving out all the windows in certain workspace should remove the workspace out of the workspace bar.
  10. Closing all the the windows throughout all the workspaces should result in a single active workspace in the workspace bar.
  11. Activities should find all files and directories which you have in your $HOME directory.