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Indian Fedora Contributors

This is a place for recognizing, keeping track of Indian contributors to Fedora, encourage more co-ordination, mentoring and participation in regional events among other activities. Regardless of what your contributors are, feel free to sign up in this page and provide more details.

Name Role Location
Arjun Sreedharan Programmer and Developer Bangalore
A. Mani Testing, QA, Documentation Kolkata
AmitakhyaPhukan Language Maintainer (Assamese) Pune
AniPeter Language Maintainer (Malayalam) Pune
Arindam Ghosh Package Maintainer Durgapur
Arun S A G Package Maintainer Bangalore
AshokDas Package Maintainer Pune
AnkurSinha Package Maintainer, Free media volunteer, Ambassador Bangalore
Debarshi Ray Package Maintainer Helsinki
FelixIyadurai Language Maintainer (Tamil) Pune
Hiemanshu Sharma Web Programmer and Developer Bangalore
HuzaifaSidhpurwala Package Maintainer Pune
IndranilDasGupta Mirror manager Kolkata
JaswinderSingh Language Maintainer (Punjabi) Pune
Jitesh Shah Fedora-ARM Maintainer Pune
Kedar Sovani Fedora-ARM Maintainer Pune
KushalDas Package Maintainer Pune
MadhavprasadPai Package Maintainer Delhi
ManojKumarGiri Language Maintainer (Oriya) Pune
Minto Joseph Package Maintainer Pune
Naveen Kumar Package Maintainer Pune
Nitesh Narayan Lal Videos Contributor , Designer , Ambassador Delhi
Pranav Kant Package Maintainer, Developer Chandigarh
Pranjal Vyas Language Maintainer (Gujarati) Gujarat
Parag Nemade Package Maintainer Pune
Prasad J Pandit Package Maintainer Pune
Prabin Kumar Datta Web Developer, Docs Project, BugZappers Kolkata
Pravin Satpute Package Maintainer Pune
Rahul Bhalerao Package Maintainer Calicut
RahulSundaram Package Maintainer Pune
RajeshRanjan Language Maintainer (Hindi & Maithili) Pune
Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury Package Maintainer Bangalore
Runa Bhattacharjee Language Maintainer (Bengali-India), FWN Beat Writer Pune
Rakesh Pandit Package Maintainer, Developer Pune
Shakthi Kannan Package Maintainer Pune
ShankarPrasad Language Maintainer (Kannada) Pune
Shreyank Gupta Developer Pune
Steven Fernandez Package Maintainer and gyaan giver Jaipur
Subhransu Behera Package Maintainer Pune
SubhodipBiswas Package Maintainer Durgapur
SusmitShannigrahi Infrastructure, Mirror manager Kolkata
Saleem Ansari Developer Pune
Raghu Udiyar Package Maintainer Pune
Suchakra Designer, Ambassador Pune
Satya Komaragiri Package Maintainer, Developer Pune
Biraj Karmakar Translator of bn_IN Kolkata
Nisankh Acharjya Translator of AS_IN, Developer, Security and Bug researcher, IoT & Neural Network Guwahati


Local contacts for Fedora CD/DVD

In addition to FreeMedia program, find and contact your nearest person from this list to get Fedora CD/DVD.

Community Activities

Currently managed by the following team members:

What are we doing?

From FY09

Focus Points: People, Presence, and Infrastructure.

  • Presence at community events
  • Visibility to Indian contributors and associated metrics
  • Promote Ambassadors
  • Campus and institutional tie-ups
  • More mentors
  • Get more Indian Mirrors
  • Manage the Indian localized spins
  • FreeMedia Project
  • Swag - Live CD, stickers etc and use them for release events
  • Recording community presentations and events
  • Regular and informal meetings
  • IRC sessions and classes
  • FUDCon in India at
  • Regional and local language press
  • Nurture and encourage community presence external to and within Red Hat India

For FY10

Focus Points: People, Education and Mentoring

  • Presence at community events
  • A FAD in each quarter (minimum target)
  • Providing guidance and mentors for new Ambassadors
  • Consistent usage of IRC towards providing a 'Classroom' session
  • Nurture, build and encourage a community message around a select group of projects
  • Investigate and build new areas of contributions for participants to the project
  • Investigate and build upon the success provided by FEL to make in roads into Education
  • Workshops for students towards using Fedora as a development platform