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Souleyman Douar

Unfortunately, Souley passed away on the 31st of August 2010. He has yet to turn 30, and leaves us and his young daughter in mourning for him.

About me

I'm a french Open Source and security Consultant for Cac 40 groups.

I'am RHCE and aim to be RHCA by the end of 2010.

Currently living in Paris


I've been using Redhat since 7.0.

I'am an active member of the Fedora-Paris community.

I also participate in an humanitary project where I provide Linux training in Niger.

I will make a conference related to security on Fedora install party

I'am fedora Ambassador and I will try to do my best to promote open source and fedora.


  • mail: souley {the weird "a"} fedoraproject dot org
  • IRC: souley on Freenode: #fedora-fr, #fedora-paris.