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What are Test Days?

Test Days are often focused on testing Changes planned for an upcoming Fedora release, but they also regularly test important areas of the Fedora distribution, like upgrades, internationalization, graphical drivers, desktop environments, kernel updates, and others.

We welcome anyone who is willing to join, test the software or features in question, and report success or issues. Each Test Day has an Matrix channel dedicated for support, and developers are available to chat and help debug issues. This is a great opportunity to meet people who create said software and discuss any issues you might have with it in a live conversation.

By attending Test Days you help us verify that the upcoming Fedora release has sufficient quality, or identify important issues and make sure they are resolved before full release.

When are Test Days?

Test Days occur on days chosen by their organizers between the branch date and its full release, but testing performed before or after the official Test Day is also useful and we encourage people to add their results and file bugs even if they cannot make the date. (Note that if you test ahead of the planned date, the instructions might not be finalized yet and the software itself might not be completely ready).

See current Test Day schedule

See the most recent Test Day page

Get notified about upcoming Test Days
You can add the QA calendar into your calendar software (Google Calendar, Thunderbird, etc) to always see an up-to-date information about upcoming Test Day events. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the test-announce list to receive email notifications.

How to participate in a Test Day?

Simply follow the instructions on the Test Day page. Most Test Days require an installed system. It's better to use a real hardware, but often it's possible to just use a virtual machine. The page will have links to installation images and instructions how to set the system up. Note that Fedora development releases are not stable and you should think twice before installing them alongside your production system (or at least make sure to have backups).

Discussion is typically held on Matrix in the clients|?) room. See Communication in Fedora for additional information on Matrix. Some Test Days might use a different chat room, but it is always specified on the Test Day page.

How to propose a Test Day?

If you are a member of a team who could benefit from running a Test Day, we want to hear from you! We'll help you set it up and promote it in the community. Please read:

How to organize a Test Day?

If you are a QA member or simply interested in getting involved in the Test Day creation process, here is some related documentation and links: