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Mike Chambers

I currently live in Madisonville, KY, and was raised here. I was in the Army within a year out of high school, for about 13 years. Visited various countries and have lived in a few states in the US. Love sports, camping, horse back riding, walking dogs in the park, movies, etc.


Activities within Fedora

  • Have been using Linux since 1998, starting with Red Hat Linux 6.2. Was in Red Hat's Internal Private Beta team up until Fedora was born. Use Fedora as my home work station, often installing/updating to the latest and greatest, mostly rawhide. Want to continue using Fedora as long as I can, as well as spread the love and try to get others to experience and use it.
  • For now, I am mostly a tester/user of Fedora, but I help with bugs as much as possible and reporting problems and helping. I am interesting in helping to spread the Fedora word, as well as get more involved in maybe bug triaging, marketing, and docs.