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Fedora Ambassadors Membership Verification

If you are listed under Unknown, either your account information is private or you have not set your country code. Please log into FAS and set it right, you will be put into right country by next update.
More statistics about the Ambassadors Project is here.
  1. Don't edit this page by hand. All changes will be overwritten by the next update as this page is updated by an automated script which gathers the data out of the FAS2 ambassadors group.
  2. If your name does not show up in this list, your account has been marked inactive in FAS due to prolonged inactivity. You need to login and reactivate your account.
  3. Please edit your 'Full name' field in the FAS and fill in your first name and your last name in a readable form (don't use Cyrillic, Chinese, or other than Latin characters). Otherwise, your FAS account name will be displayed.
  4. Keep sure that your Account is set to public and you have your Country Code set in FAS. Otherwise you will be listed under Unknown Country
  5. If you have any question on your Fedora Ambassadors Membership, please contact JoergSimon, FabianAffolter or SusmitShannigrahi

Suggestion Table

Name "Is a..." Tested Initial Approval Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved !
Agnon (Agnomon) Constantine is an ancient king who conducted his people into Asia Minor, and so is Agnon (Agnon was a tribal patriarch in the Scythian/Milesian bloodline that Constantine descends from, the race of Fenius) Celtic & Byzantine; myth & legend
Hellsten {Constantine,Hellsten} is a hotel in {Istanbul,Stockholm} Yes
Amanjena {Constantine,Amanjena} is a hotel in {Istanbul,Marrakech} Amanjena is at the 12 km marker. 12+1 =? Yes
Keating name of a figure involved in a prominent American political scandal (Keating Five, Eliot Spitzer) Checkmark.png Yes (Really? How? --PWF (Celtic patterns! --mizmo) (Cool! -- PWF)
MacBeth Pictish King Checkmark.png Yes
Kennedy the first Catholic ruler of his nation/empire Warning.png
Gates Ivy League professor that was a victim of racism covered by the news media.
Lincoln Leader during a civil war Yes
Underwood finalist in American Idol season 4 Warning.png
Stars indie-rock band from Toronto, Canada. Yes
Blue Ridge name of a carpet manufacturer in the Dalton, GA area Yes
Ronan name of a Cornish saint (Another religious figure? --PWF) (the link from leonidas was 'king' not 'saint' --mizmo) Checkmark.png
Truro a civil parish in Cornwall Checkmark.png
Ashoka Ashoka is an emperor. Ashoka is also the name of a flowering tree found in South Asia.
Lynley Inspector Lynley is a fictional detective. Captain John Constantine is also a fictional detective. Can't see conflict unless the name of Lynley itself is trademarked yes, detective paraphernalia
Plato Constantine is a street name in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines and so is Plato.
Gordian Roman emperor
Jovian 4th Century Roman emperor
Charles Constantine was an emperor and so was Charles (IV).
Ramanujan Constantine Caratheodory was a famous mathematician, so was Srinivasa Ramanujan (they were also of a same era) Yes, symbols
Buland Darwaza The Arch of Constantine is a triumphal arch in Rome, so is Buland Darwaza. Yes
Megavissey Constantine Bay is in Cornwall, so is Megavissey. Yes
Commodus Roman emperor. Yes
Watergate Bay in Cornwall. Yes
Sobers Sir Garfield Sobers, West Indian allrounder, as was Sir Learie Constatine. Yes
Methodius Constantine is a missionary of Christianity to the Slavs, so is Methodius
Segovia Spanish City, with to the Roman Empire engineering + Classical Guitarrist
Cesar Constantine is a Roman emperor and Cesar too
Independence Constantine is a fort location in Fallout 3 game and Independence too
Namuncura Constantine is a Saint and Ceferino Namuncurá too
Vojtech Constantine is a Saint person and Vojtěch is too
Caligula Both are Roman emperors.
Qin Shi Huang Controversial emperors
Torquemada 1986 Eagle award winner possible conflict with Torquemada games
Klaatu 'Klaatu' and 'Constantine' are both characters played by Keanu Reeves in movies
Manfredi Gregory M. Constantine and Juan J. Manfredi are both professors of the Department of Mathematics of the Pittsburgh University
Asimov Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (Константи́н Эдуа́рдович Циолко́вский) was a Russian futurist and sci-fi writer. So was Isaac Asimov. Robots!
Spiegel According to WikiPedia, Keanu Reeves is going to play "Spike Spiegel" in the upcoming Cowboy Bebop movie. He also played Constantine before Cowboy Bebop (anime/manga), Sci-Fi OR given that Spiegel (german) translates to mirror, use that as a theme
Goddard Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (Константи́н Эдуа́рдович Циолко́вский) was a rocket scientist, so was Robert Goddard Rockets
Birgitta Constantine I is a saint, and so is Birgitta Birgersdotter of Sweden Yes, found no collision Yes, saints of all kinds
Celestine Constantine is a pope, and so is Celestine V Yes, found no collision Yes, popes (of all kinds)
Eusebius Constantine is 4th Century Christian Figure, so is Eusibius. (Eusibius was Constantine's Historian) Yes, only personal programmers with first or last names of Eusebius
Sinaiticus Constantine is a 4th Century Christian object, so is the Codex Sinaiticus. (Some believe the Codex Sinataitus was one of 50 bibles ordered by Constantine to be produced). Future connections: Codex Sinaiticus is an ancient parchment document. Codex Sinaiticus is a book/document in the British Library/Russian National Library/Leipiz University Library/St Catherine's Monastary. Yes, found no collision yes
Sequoia Beautiful tree, well known for its surprising height and age. Yes
Blue Bolt Constantine is a superhero created by Alan Moore, Steve Bissette and John Totleben. Blue Bolt is a Superhero in the public domain. Blue Bolt was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. BAM CRASH POW
Nemo Constantine is a character created in part by Alan Moore. Alan Moore used Captain Nemo in his Extraordinary Gentleman series. (characters in public domain)
Ozymandias Constantine is a character created in part by Alan Moore. Alan Moore used Ozymandias in his Watchmen series. Also a poem.
Lucky Constantine is a vendor of woodworking tools [1], so is Lucky [2]. Contrarian take on 13. Lots of parked pages for google 'lucky computer' - a vendor called "My Lucky Computer" appears to exist in Texas Horse shoes (riff on Omega), rabbits feet, four-leaf clovers, etc. (most cultures have luck symbols )
Vikramaditya A legendary king famed for his wisdom, valour and magnanimity as Constantine was. More interestingly, both Vikramaditya (meaning Sun of Valour) and Constantine was sun worshippers. yes, no conflict yes, Indian legends and myths
Pazhassi Constantine is a king and so is Pazhassi Raja (King from Kerala, India) Yes, No conflicts Yes
Romulus Constantine is a Roman Emperor. Romulus is the last Western Roman Emperor. Yes
Atahualpa Constantine was a Roman Emperor. Atahualpa was an Inca Emperor. Yes
Steadfast Constantine is a Steadfast. Steadfast is a meaning of name Constantine .
Fahrenheit Original XBOX game Yes
Torque Village Roadshow/Warner Bro Picture Yes
Name "Is a..." Tested Initial Approval Themeable Board Approved Legal Approved