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Chitlesh Goorah

ChitleshGoorah is a postgraduate student in Micro-Nano Electronics at the University of Louis Pasteur . He is also holding a intern position in VLSI design at ON Semiconductor (former AMI Semiconductor).


  • He is a Sponsor for Fedora RPM Packaging.
  • He is a FedoraMentor . Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
  • Together with the French Ambassadors ThomasCanniot and DamienDurand, he launched the virtual Fedora User Developer Conference , vFUDCon
  • DamienDurand has interviewed him on the Kadischi Project, read more about this interview here

Presentation Documents

Contact Details

  • Important.png Language supported - English / French
  • Email Address - [[MailTo(chitlesh I DONT WANT SPAM @fedoraproject DOT org)]
  • Actual Geographical Location - Bruxelles, Belgium.
  • He can be identified as ChitleshGoorah in #fedora-fr #fedora-mktg #fedora-livecd #fedora-mentors #fedora-meeting

Advanced Contact Details

gpg : 4BC93D0B

$ gpg --recv-key 0x4BC93D0B

Fingerprint : E444 56C7 A216 5F88 24FF F5C2 D2B8 7FDF 4BC9 3D0B

The PGP Public Key Block can be found [wiki:Self:ChitleshGoorah/PGPKey here] .

  • Event (at KDE booth): 19,20 March 2007: CeBIT Hannover, Germany with MirjamWaeckerlin

(File:ChitleshGoorah kdeslide.pdf slides pdf] )

  • French virtual FUDCon ( 01France ) ([wiki:ChitleshGoorah/fr-meeting preparation] )
  • He provided his university mates with LiveCDs based on Fedora Core 5. Learn more about this project here . (in French)