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When and Where

  • Wednesday, May 3rd till Saturday, May 6th, 2006
  • Wiesbaden, Germany - LinuxTag Germany


  • Florian Brand (FlorianBrand, Ambassador & Red Hat employee)
  • Gerold Kassube (GeroldKassube, Ambassador)


Event Pictures

Booth Personal

(in alphabetic order)

  • Brand, Florian (FlorianBrand) on TU, WE, TH, FR, SA
  • Engert, Kai (Developer) on WE, TH
  • Goorah, Chitlesh (ChitleshGoorah) on SA
  • Heinrich, Dunja (HR Red Hat) on TH, FR, SA
  • Kassube, Gerold (GeroldKassube) on WE, TH, FR, SA
  • Kuehnel, Jens (Trainer) on TU, WE, TH, FR, SA
  • Schlensog, Marc (practical Red Hat) on TU, WE
  • Schaefer, Thorsten (Developer) on TH, FR, SA
  • Simon, Jörg (JoergSimon) on TH, FR, SA

Fedora related Speaker (partially at the Fedora booth)

(in alphabetc oder)

  • Drepper, Ulrich
  • Holtmann, Marcel
  • Kergon, Alasdair
  • Mauelshagen, Heinz



  • Florian is organizing furniture and the bar
  • Florian organized some stickers for the booth
  • Gerold printed with the help of University of Basel a lot of Posters in Fedora bubbles and logos

  • Coffee, Water & some snacks
  • DvD signed by gregdek, lxmaier, mspevack, notting and sopwith
  • normal DVDs
  • Tux made of glass


  • a resume for the event will follow asap
  • also the Photos, in the meanwhile there are some at a private homepage , maybe a little bit slow