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Below is a list of the 97 DocBook XML tags found in the Installation Guide. AsciiDoc does not have a lot of semantic markup. There is a possibility of creating some small semantic elements to use within AsciiDoc to provide three benefits:

1. Meaning for translators doing i18n so they can decide on whether to localize a term or not 2. Consistency of formatting. No one has to memorize that element A is italic or element B is bold 3. Automated testing with something like emender down the road.

This table is not complete and contains ideas. Please add justifications to keep a tag. Tags that shouldn't be kept, leave blank. Disagree? add a note in the table.

DocBook Tag Description Keep? (blank == no)
abstract A summary
acronym An often pronounceable word made from the initial (or selected) letters of a name or phrase only if needed by i18n
appendix An appendix in a Book or Article
application The name of a software program yes for automated tests
author The name of an individual author
authorgroup Wrapper for author information when a document has multiple authors or collabarators
book A book
bookinfo Meta-information for a Book
bridgehead A free-floating heading
chapter A chapter, as of a book
citation An inline bibliographic reference to another published work
citetitle The title of a cited work
colspec Specifications for a column in a table
command The name of an executable program or other software command yes for automated tests
computeroutput Data, generally text, displayed or presented by a computer yes for automated tests
corpauthor A corporate author, as opposed to an individual
date The date of publication or revision of a document
edition The name or number of an edition of a document
email An email address
emphasis Emphasized text
entry A cell in a table
example A formal example, with a title yes for consistent formatting?
figure A formal figure, generally an illustration, with a title
filename The name of a file yes for consistent formatting?
firstname The first name of a person
firstterm The first occurrence of a term
footnote A footnote
formalpara A paragraph with a title
guibutton The text on a button in a GUI yes for consistent formatting?
guilabel The text of a label in a GUI yes for consistent formatting?
guimenu The name of a menu in a GUI yes for consistent formatting?
guimenuitem The name of a terminal menu item in a GUI yes for consistent formatting?
guisubmenu The name of a submenu in a GUI
imagedata Pointer to external image data
imageobject A wrapper for image data and its associated meta-information
important An admonition set off from the text
index An index
inlinemediaobject An inline media object (video, audio, image, and so on)
itemizedlist A list in which each entry is marked with a bullet or other dingbat
keycap The text printed on a key on a keyboard yes for consistent formatting?
keycombo A combination of input actions yes for consistent formatting?
keyword One of a set of keywords describing the content of a document
keywordset A set of keywords describing the content of a document
listitem A wrapper for the elements of a list item
literal Inline text that is some literal value
mediaobject A displayed media object (video, audio, image, etc.)
member An element of a simple list
note A message set off from the text
option An option for a software command
orderedlist A list in which each entry is marked with a sequentially incremented label
package ??
para A paragraph
parameter A value or a symbolic reference to a value
part A division in a book
partintro An introduction to the contents of a part
phrase A span of text
preface Introductory matter preceding the first chapter of a book
procedure A list of operations to be performed in a well-defined sequence
productname The formal name of a product
productnumber A number assigned to a product
programlisting A literal listing of all or part of a program
prompt A character or string indicating the start of an input field in a computer display
pubsnumber A number assigned to a publication other than an ISBN or ISSN or inventory part number
quote An inline quotation
remark ??
replaceable Content that may or must be replaced by the user
revdescription ??
revhistory A history of the revisions to a document
revision An entry describing a single revision in the history of the revisions to a document
revnumber A document revision number
row A row in a table
screen Text that a user sees or might see on a computer screen
section A recursive section
simpara A paragraph that contains only text and inline markup, no block elements
simplelist An undecorated list of single words or short phrases
step A unit of action in a procedure
subject One of a group of terms describing the subject matter of a document
subjectset A set of terms describing the subject matter of a document
subjectterm A term in a group of terms describing the subject matter of a document
substeps A wrapper for steps that occur within steps in a procedure
subtitle The subtitle of a document
surname A family name; in western cultures the last name
systemitem A system-related item or term
table A formal table in a document
tbody A wrapper for the rows of a table or informal table
term The word or phrase being defined or described in a variable list
textobject A wrapper for a text description of an object and its associated meta-information
tgroup A wrapper for the main content of a table, or part of a table
thead A table header consisting of one or more rows
title The text of the title of a section of a document or of a formal block-level element
ulink A link that addresses its target by means of a URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
userinput Data entered by the user
variablelist A list in which each entry is composed of a set of one or more terms and an associated description
varlistentry A wrapper for a set of terms and the associated description in a variable list
warning An admonition set off from the text
wordasword A word meant specifically as a word and not representing anything else
xref A cross reference to another part of the document