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== CuteCW ==
== CuteCW ==

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New to Fedora 15 is cutecw. This is an application providing a phased approach to learning CW. For additional information refer to the project page at


Also new to Fedora 15 is libfap. This is a port of the Perl APRS packet parsing library to C. All the features of Ham::APRS::FAP have been retained. For more complete information, including API documentation, refer to


fldigi has been updated from 3.20.20 to 3.20.34. In addition to numerous bug fixes and cosmetic improvements, there are several new features:

  • Extensions to pskmail
  • Changes to dupe and diamond indicators
  • Waterfall offset
  • Improve cosmetics of configuration dialogs
  • Additional keyboard shortcuts
  • Squelch adjustment on THOR and CW
  • Improved macros
  • Contest logging
  • Improved integration with hamlib
  • The DXCC popup now includes LotW and eQSL hints
  • Improvements to Cabrillo reporting
  • Parallel port may now be used for PTT
  • Additional logbook fields
  • Improved Olivia decoding
  • Improved scope handling for RTTY

Full details on fldigi may be found at


Fedora 15 now includes xastir 2.0.0. This version includes several bug fixes, as well as support for Open Street Maps. The project maintains a wiki at


gpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program. In addition to many bugfixes, new features include:

  • Radio and antenna rotator control.
  • Improved satellite selector.
  • New layout manager.
  • New Event view.
  • Satellite tooltips and pass pop-ups

A video showing the satellite tooltips feature can be found at

Details about gpredict may be found at


hamlib has been updated from 1.2.11 to 1.2.12. Included in this release ate three new backends. The project page may be found at


Icarus Verilog is a verilog compiler and simulator

 Old Version: 0.9.20091230 -> New Version: 0.9.20100928

Project site: (


Fedora 15 features version 2.0.5 of xlog. In addition to numerous bugfixes (refer to there are two feature changes:

  • Changing the name of the free fields in the log now updates the column names in all the logs which are opened
  • To speed up logging, typing <ENTER> in the callsign field will jump to the TX(RST) field.


splat 1.3.0 is included in Fedora 15.. The latest version of SPLAT! features a new mapping mode that plots contours of received signal power level in dBm, support for uniform ground clutter, expansions of the -db, -plo, and -pli command-line options, support for one arc-second high resolution SRTM topography data (including new srtm2sdf-hd and splat-hd executables), and many other improvements including updated documentation and minor bug fixes.

Project site: (


Soundcard Packet Radio Modem

 Old Version: 0.14 -> New Version: 0.15

Project site: (