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Digital modem program for Linux

 Old Version: 3.20.20 -> New Version: 3.20.34

Project site: (


Fedora 15 now includes Package-x-generic-16.pngxastir 2.0.0. This version includes several bug fixes, as well as support for Open Street Maps. The project maintains a wiki at


Package-x-generic-16.pnggpredict is a real-time satellite tracking and orbit prediction program. In addition to many bugfixes, new features include:

  • Radio and antenna rotator control.
  • Improved satellite selector.
  • New layout manager.
  • New Event view.
  • Satellite tooltips and pass pop-ups

A video showing the satellite tooltips feature can be found at

Details about Package-x-generic-16.pnggpreict may be found at


Package-x-generic-16.pnghamlib has been updated from 1.2.11 to 1.2.12. Included in this release ate three new backends. The project page may be found at


Icarus Verilog is a verilog compiler and simulator

 Old Version: 0.9.20091230 -> New Version: 0.9.20100928

Project site: (


Logging program for Hamradio Operators

 Old Version: 2.0.3 -> New Version: 2.0.5

Project site: (


Analyze point-to-point terrestrial RF communication links

 Old Version: 1.2.3 -> New Version: 1.3.0

Project site: (


Soundcard Packet Radio Modem

 Old Version: 0.14 -> New Version: 0.15

Project site: (

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