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  1. This page will serve as a request queue for F11 requests for Indian Ambassadors and Local Contacts.
  2. You will be provided with one i386 and one x86_64 DVD.
  3. Please note that these disks are not meant only for personal consumption, but mainly for redistribution.
  4. If you add your name here, you will be automatically listed here so that people can contact you.
  5. All fields are mandatory.
  6. If you have any problem regarding this, please let me know at susmit AT fp.o

Name Wiki Page Address with Phone No. Ambassador/LocalContact How many request taken up for F10 (tentative)
Ankur Sinha AnkurSinha c/o Dr. S.K. Sinha,Madhuri Cardiac care and Maternity, Vikas Nagar, Matkuria, Katras Road, Dhanbad 826001 Jharkhand, ph: 9986290960,9431191607 Ambassador + Local Contact + Free media team only about 15 requests due to my location. Distributed >200 copies in install fests etc