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Ankur Sinha
Ankur Sinha
Personal Information
Birthday: 1988
Home: Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: ankursinha
Miscellaneous Information
Private Mail: ankursinha AT
GPG-Key: E629112D
IRC: FranciscoD on in
#fedora-join, #fedora, #fedora-classroom
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I'm currently a research fellow at the Silver Lab at UCL. I am also PhD candidate at the Biocomputation group awaiting my PhD viva.

I've been contributing to Fedora for a while now. It started with Rahul Sundaram taking a font packaging workshop. I've come a long way since then, but am still quite a learner. If there's anything I can help you with, feel free to ping me either over e-mail or one of the IM channels.

I'm interested in my research, computational neuroscience, and enabling Open Science in whatever way I can help.

Note: Since I'm not in India, I cannot service media requests from India currently.

I was once transiently famous.

Where/when to catch me

I'm in quite a few Fedora IRC channels, and lots of mailing lists. I should be around from 1100 - 1700 BST (British Standard Time) throughtout the week. Ping me anytime, and I'll respond ASAP :)


  • Package maintainer - I maintain a few packages and now my focus has somewhat shifted to software related to research, neouroscience and other fields in general.
    • I am also a sponsor for the packager group. You can find more information related to my sponsorship activities on this page. Please go through it before contacting me for sponsorship.
  • I'm a core team member of the NeuroFedora SIG. Our goal is to make Fedora a great platform for neuroscience research by building on our Fedora Workstation product. (We need help, come join us!)
  • Member of the Fedora Join SIG: If you're looking to get started with fedora, join the mailing list, or just drop me an email!
  • I was the Fedora election wrangler for the Fedora 19 Election cycle.
  • I was the Fedora election wrangler for the Fedora 20 Election cycle.

Wiki pages I'm responsible for

I "own" a few wiki pages that I'm responsible for keeping up to date. For any queries on the following pages, please get in touch with me:


Other info

I blog at