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FAD Brisbane 2011 is actually an overflow event from LCA 2011 which happens 24-29 January. We're expecting a good number of APAC Fedora Ambassadors in town for LCA 2011,

When and Where

Date, Location and Time:

  • 30th of January in Brisbane, Australia (the edge)* at 12 Noon local time. We will be having lunch earlier tho.

Accomodation and Stay

Cheap quality accomodation is avaliable here. Click Brisbane :) Sale on now, may finish anytime soon!

New sales will be pasted here when avaliable!


  • Purchase bottled water, if your not comfortable with drinking "recycled" water. (only applicable in Queensland)
  • Get a hotel near the state library of Queensland


This list is rough, and unfinished, it is expected to grow with LUG members who will not be listed here.

Anyone working in fedora or red hat in invited to place their names on the 'offical' list,

people who are invited through LUG's do not need to place their names here!

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Morning Breakfast/lunch LCA? Sponsorship Comment
1 Luke Martinez Yes Open Day Approved Purchased Tickets! :)
2 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Yes Yes Approved by Max Spevack
3 Izhar Firdaus ? Yes Pending
4 add yourself Y/n Y/n Nope??? ???


  • Fedora APAC 2011 Planning
    • APACK Box
    • Meeting IRC practices.
    • Meeting will be "broadcast" live over Fedora talk. and also notes will be made in #fedora-meeting. More information below.
  • Building up local contributors
  • Talks by ambassadors / Red Hat People


We will have window bays 5 + 6

Proposed Times

Time Event Organizer Location Length Info 2nd Event 2nd Organizer location info
1100 Lunch Nill Some Pie Place 1 hour - - - - -
1200 Setup - EDGE 5+6 20m - - - -
1220 APAC Meeting [[User:Asmartgoat | Luke Martinez 40m
1300 Prepare for LUGS!!!! EDGE 5+6 30 minutes Set up for talks - - - setup :)
1330 Fedora 14 talk and giveaway by ambassadors EDGE 5+6 30 minutes Giving away some fedora media + swag left over
1400 Cake & Break! EDGE 5+6 40 minutes fedora cake & social time! cake for lugs members :) same same same same
1435 Lightning talk 'The Windows Tax' by Luke Martinez EDGE 5 10 min Lightning talk 2 - by - at edge 6
1450 Talk about by - EDGE 5+6 20 min
1510 Gaming With Fedora Luke Martinez EDGE 5+6 20 min
1530 30 min talk - EDGE 6+5
1600 Pack up unless we have more talks.


The Windows(R) Tax

The windows tax is a that raises awareness on the fact you CAN get a refund for OEM versions of windows. You'd be surprised that you can get $50 to $150 dollars back in cash for not accepting the EULA.

By Luke Martinez === Your

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Ambassadors Meeting

We will be broadcasting live on FEDORA TALK, feel free to join us :)

We will also be broadcasting main points on IRC, feel free to raise a discussion point there.

More information will be available closer to the date :)

This will be held at about 2:10UTC 30th Jan 2011

Funding Required

Fedora Cake = ~$40

Drinks & Snacks Table = max $20

Plastic plates and Cups = $6

we need media for LUG's <USE MEDIA FROM LCA>

we need swag for LUG'S <use swag from LCA>


The booking has been confirmed and everything is a GO! :)