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Fedora Ambassador Day NA 2008

The FAD 2008 is an event intended to plan the ambassadors' activities in 2009 and to have some fun together.



  • Friday, 2008-10-10 to Sunday, 2008-10-12


  • City: Columbus, Ohio
  • Airport: Columbus, OH (CMH)

This is the location for the Ohio Linux Fest - a decent sized midwest open source software conference in Columbus, Ohio. We generally have a good turn out of Fedora folks helping and the timing of OLF coincides nicely with the renewed NA efforts to make a first location for a Fedora Ambassadors Day for North America.


There will most likely not be reimbursements for rooms and food for this FAD as we do not have budget money set aside for it. Due to historical turnout for OLF we still expect enough people to be able to make it to be worthwhile and hopefully set the state for future FADs for North Americ.

Hotel information can be found here:

Ride Sharing / Car Pooling

People who drive to the FAD by car or get to the airport by car and have some free seats available are asked to help others to get to the FAD. Please add below how many seats you have available, where you start the journey and where you could possibly pick up folks.

Driver Seats available Starting point Destination Possible pick up points

People who'd like to join one of the drivers above, please ask the driver if he's still got a free seat and where he could pick you up. If you both agree on the terms (e.g. time, location, cost sharing, etc.) add yourself to the list below in order for other people to see which driver still has free seats available.

Driver Passenger Pick up point


Please indicate whether or not you will be able to attend. Please add a note if you have no choice but to arrive later/leave earlier (i.e. are not there on Friday and/or Sunday).

Responsible Ambassadors



Clint Savage



Still in the works. Feel free to add suggestions.


Feel free to add your own ideas. Please note, that we most probably won't make this decision public before the FAD has begun - see it as a little surprise. We might or might not take anything that was suggested here. But your ideas are a great help for brainstorming, anyway.



We do not have an allocated budget for this FAD. Expenses will in all probability be paid by the attending ambassador.