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Hello, my name is Clint Savage, people online call me herlo.


  • City/State/Country: Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
  • Email: herlo AT fedoraproject dOt org
  • IRC: I am known as 'herlo' on #utos, #fedora-ambassadors, #utahpython #uphpu, #fedora-ambassadors
  • GPG key: GPG Key ID = 8A8F1D53
  • Fedora Account: herlo

Activities within Fedora

  • A previous member of FAmSCo (2012-2013).
  • Fedora Ambassador Administration (FAmA) administrator (2012-2014).
  • Creator of the supybot plugin which generates twitter/facebook and other social network updates from an rss feed
  • Creator of the githubie supybot plugin which sends Github Issues and Events notifications to an IRC channel.
  • Among the initiators of the Fedora Calendaring Project
  • Former SWAG Wrangler for North American Ambassadors
  • Maintainer of several RPM packages

Activities outside Fedora

I currently manage the Utah Python User Group

I currently run the uptimeSLC User Group

I am the founder and former organizer of these groups/events:

  • The Utah Open Source Foundation ( provides free streaming and podcasting services as well as events to Local User Groups (LUGs) who promote open source.
  • The Utah Open Source Conference (now called OpenWest Conference). I organized and ran the 2007-2010 conferences. As a Fedora Ambassador, I promote Fedora to all that attend.


  • Sexy Sexy Penguins - My blog about all things Linux and open source
  • OpenWest - The Renamed Utah Open Source Conference
  • Utah Open Source - The organization behind the Utah Open Source Conference and Open Source growth in Utah and the Mountain West.
  • GoOSe Project - A Rebuild of the Enterprise Linux release created downstream from Fedora.