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{{admon/important|Nominations are closed.|The nomination period ended on November 7th.}}
{{admon/important|Nominations are open.|The nomination period ends on November 7th.}}
== FAmSCo 2011 elections ==
== FAmSCo 2011 elections ==

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Nominations are open.
The nomination period ends on November 7th.

FAmSCo 2011 elections

Candidates must be a member of the Ambassadors group in the Fedora Accounts System. This helps ensure that FAmSCo members have some experience with the processes of Fedora Ambassadors, but still allows relatively new contributors to sit on FAmSCo and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Ambassadors will be following the Fedora election timeline.

You may self-nominate. If you wish to nominate someone else, please consult with that person ahead of time.


Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera (bckurera)

  • Please briefly describe your history with Fedora.
    • I started with Free Media group and then joined with the Ambassador group. Since then I am contributing to Design Team, Marketing Team and Localization work as well.
    • In community, I have organized some events including release parties, fedora events and FAD. I represent the Fedora project in events and initiated the fedora local community.
    • I expanded the Fedora project in University level locally, that makes the local community stronger and also working with APAC ambassadors towards a strong community by assisting them.
    • I manage APAC Bi-weekly and APAC Special meetings (in every week) with dramsey and tuanta.
    • The FAms Way, classroom series is also initiated by me.
  • Why do you want to be a member of FAmSCo?

FAmSCo is playing a major role with in the Ambassador Group, indeed they set the path to proceed. First, the main aim is to support the Ambassador Group. I need to provide a dedicated, effective support which Ambassadors need. Another thing is to improve the project, it is worth to get the ambassadors involvement. I would like to be a part of the team and be an active part of decision making process which lead shaping the project. Further I want to make the FAmSCo, a place which is more attentive, sensitive, responsive and assisted to ambassadors and their needs.

  • What is the proper role for FAmSCo in a global project like Ambassadors?

The main role of the FAmSCo is to provide the support that Ambassadors seek. The support should be fast and it should be effective. Such a support keeps the global ambassador effect active and useful. Therefore FAmSCo as the hub, should provide assistant and resources and ensure the ambassadors are getting what they need, when they need. Being align with the team is another very important role that FAmSCo should play. FAmSCo should be very sensitive with the ambassadors. Should identify their needs, ideas, thoughts and try to facilitate, encourage and even try to get novel ideas to shape the team and as well as the project. FAmSCo govern the ambassador team and as well as act as the central hub which connects other entities as well.

  • What are your particular goals related to FAmSCo?

As a candidate it is easier for you if I mention my vision clearly, that shows mainly How I see and What I ll do as a member of the FAmSCo if I am elected.

    • FAmSCo should be very responsive/ sensitive - As I have noted earlier FAmSCo should be sensitive with the ambassador group. They should have a proper understanding what is happening with in the group, regionally and what assistant they need and when.
    • FAmSCo should be very attentive - FAmSCo should be keep in touch with regional meetings and ML. When ever ambassadors ask for help, FAmSCo should try to assist fast and effectively. For most FAmSCo members can be easily contacted via IRC or Emails.
    • FAmSCo should be very motivational - Members in the group working hard to spread the word Fedora over the globe, FAmSCo should identify their effort and motivate them to reach higher. The best way to motivate is to be sensitive and assist them on time.
    • Develop the regions country wisely - As an ambassador in my experience I know the best way to make the region stronger is to develop the communities country wise. This practice is applicable to any region. Therefore first develop the communities country wisely and that helps to make the region stronger. Having frequent meetings and getting their participation ensures that ambassadors are keep in touch with the project and what is happening. Through the process, it is possible to spread the project and make it stronger. Because it expand the project and supply new contributors as well.
  • What would you change about the way Ambassadors is run?

Overall the ambassador group is running well. There are few things we need to make up.

    • More interaction is needed with in the group, so that we can encourage the ambassadors to participate to meetings and the FAmSCo can help them to make the meeting successful being actively engaging with those.
    • It is required to develop and make strong the fedora communities countrywide, it is possible to use FADs (more FADs) for that and later when we have strong communities so we can have FUDCons in various countries with in regions covering most of the parts.