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Basic FAmSCo activity

What is this section's purpose?
This section gives some quick health indicators about how much FAmSCo is communicating. Sometimes FAmSCo members can't make a meeting due to travel or conflicts with their $DAYJOB, but the combination of meeting attendance plus email is a nice metric.

FAmSCo meetings

FAmSCo held 2 meetings in December. Attendance was as follows:

  • 2 out of 2 -- Gerard, Igor, Kaio, Larry, Pierros
  • 1 out of 2 -- Rahul
  • 0 out of 2 -- Neville

Regional meetings

8 regional meetings were held and logged in December.

FAmSCo mailing list

FAmSco's mailing list received 79 messages this month, specially regarding the new meeting time and the assignment of tasks for new members.

General accomplishments or decisions

What is this section's purpose?
This section discusses the non-regional achievements within either FAmSCo or the larger Ambassadors project from this month.
  • Pierros Papadeas elected as FAmSCo's new chairman.
  • Caius Chance nominated as FAmSCo's vice-chairman.
  • Larry Cafiero nominated as FAmSCo's Budget Manager.
  • Assignment of FAmSCo tasks to new members.


Where does FAmSCo's budget come from?
The FAmSCo budget rolls up into the larger Community Architecture expenses. On that page, FAmSCo's budget is represented by the "Regional support" line item.


Total budget: $100,000

Total spend (through November 28): $54,335

We are currently on pace to finish under budget.

However, there are expenses from India/APAC from earlier in the year that still need to be found and accounted for, which will increase our total spend once they are accounted for.

Regional support

NA -- $31,730

EMEA -- $13,765

LATAM -- $5,735

  • $2,510 -- Support for FLISOL
  • $1,675 -- FPL to FISL
  • $1,355 -- Fedora 13 media
  • $195 -- Swag for Mexico

India/APAC -- $3,105

  • $2,400 -- Support for swag creation by Harish
  • $480 -- Support for BASIS
  • $225 -- Fedora 13 release parties


New tickets Still under mentoring Sponsored Rejected Month
December 2010

Regional reports

What is this section's purpose?
This section lists the events that were on the global events page as happening in each region, during this month. This section examines the end-result of each of these events, and also reports any general news for the region.




Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
Salon Du Logiciel Libre Du Québec René Jr Purcell


Date Minutes Log
2010-12-07 Minutes Log




No events reported in December


Date Minutes Log
2010-12-02 Minutes Log
2010-12-09 Minutes Log
2010-12-16 Minutes Log




Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
Fedora Presentation Ilyes Gouta ISETCom_Fedora_Presentation_20101208 - A Fedora talk at ISET'Com Tunis
XariseTo Free Festival 2 Giannis Konstantinidis and Christos Bacharakis XariseTo_Free_Festival_2 - A talk about Fedora and FOSS in this big event


Date Minutes Log
2010-12-08 Minutes Log




Name Owner Link Event report(s) Comments
2010 BLUA Grand Release Party Angel -
Release Party F14 Tokyo David Ramsey Release_Party_F14_Tokyo -


Date Minutes Log
2010-12-05 Minutes Log
2010-12-18 Minutes Log
2010-12-19 Minutes Log