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This page is a catalog of the general areas of responsibility that FAmSCo has, and who owns it. Tickets for individual actions, or one-off tasks are in the FAmSCo Trac instance.


Owner: Larry

Description: We need to make sure that we are tracking and distributing resources to Ambassadors around the world. FAmSCo's budget manager is responsible for handling each quarter's budget.

FAmSCo meetings

Owner: Pierros

Description: The FAmSCo chair or vice-chair is responsible for the FAmSCo meetings. The meeting agenda should be sent to the FAmSCo and Ambassadors list before the meeting, and the meeting summary generated by MeetingBot should be sent to the same lists after the meeting.

Regional meetings

Owner: All

Description: At least one FAmSCo member should attend each regional meeting that is held.

Trac instance

Owner: Pierros

Description: Manage and organize the FAmSCo Trac instance.

Membership administration

Owner: Joerg

Description: Ensure that the process for new Ambassadors to join is in place, that it is documented, tracked, and working. Recommend and help make improvements as necessary. Track statistics about the Ambassadors project.

Release parties

Owner: Pierros

Description: Plan and coordinate release parties with each new release of Fedora.

Marketing collaboration

Owner: ?? (was Joerg / David) Description: Work with Marketing project to define the marketing plan and to make it real working in the Ambassadors Project.


Owner: Joerg / David

Description: Organize and manage the mentoring process for new Fedora Ambassadors, including Fedora Classroom sessions and other communication. Create a survey to be distributed among the mentors, for feedback on how the mentoring experience is going.

Monthly report

Owner: Igor

Description: Create a wiki page that can be used for FAmSCo to provide a monthly report to the Ambassadors community. Include events, budget, actions and decisions taken by FAmSCo, and regional news. Prepare this report each month on the wiki, and share it with the community.


Town hall IRC meetings

Owner: Larry

Description: Organize town hall IRC meetings for the Ambassador community.