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This is a page where we can work through the "FUDCon 2.0" track of the Events FAD 2010.

Current resources


  1. 1 FUDCon per quarter
  2. $20k of budget from Red Hat per quarter, for FUDcons and FADs
  3. Hard minimum of at least 4 months advance planning for a FUDCon - 6 months recommended
  4. Time investment for planners: 3 months ahead at 10-15 hours per week, 1 month ahead at 25 hours per week.

Open questions

  1. Not Europe for EMEA FUDcon?
  2. India on its own (split out from APAC)
  3. Rest of APAC


  1. Keep budget spread out.
    1. Do all FUDCons cost the same?
    2. Fill in the gaps with FADs
  2. Climate
  3. Vacation time (contributors who have to take it)
  4. Proximity to other major events
  5. Fix spacing over time

Data from the FUDCon survey

See Marketing_research#FUDCon_Toronto_2009_Survey for data.

Discussion notes below:


  • May very well need four days for next FUDCon. Need two days for technical sessions alone, fewer rooms at once.
  • Welcome packet *at hotel*
  • Conference software - ConMan


  • Accessibility for remote attendees - workable FUDCon Live directions
  • Find people who know what it means to make the event "family friendly"

Figuring out action items


  1. Look at the problems brainstorm at the start of the day, and...
  2. For each action item/deliverable, see what problems it potentially solves.
  3. If it definitely solves a problem, it's a "must do."
  4. If it might solve a problem, consider it as an experiment, and mark any regional concerns.

Potential things to work on Saturday

  1. General calendar for FUDcons
  2. 2010 instance of said calendar
  3. Bid process
  4. "things we should keep" list
  5. Bug list
  6. "howto run a fudcon" doc
  7. make FUDCon 4 days
  8. Welcome packet at hotel
  9. Conference software (conman)
  10. Improved FUDCon Live
  11. Make event "family friendly"
  12. Have a clear process for attendee sponsorship

The ideal process for Toronto

Roll back the clock: it's summer 2009 and we've just decided that Toronto's going to be the place for the NA FUDCon at the start of December. What, ideally, goes down? (We're constrained to tools and people we had at the time.)

Time Local team
(Chris Tyler)
Planning team
(Paul Frields)
External resources
(Mel Chua)
Bid process end
12 mo
Done with bid process. Execute on FUDPUb, hotel, location paperwork and sign those deals. Reserve specific space (rooms, etc.) at the location. Set up web presence (wiki) for event. Schedule regular meetings. Get all planners on fudcon-planning and start using that list. Announce location to Fedora channels. Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly assigned for planning team. Get Marketing started on the event. Have a rough budget ("CommArch sets aside $X for this FUDCon") and a contact for that budget (Max). Marketing team begins event marketing, very lightweight.
5 mo Find lunch caterer. Arrange transit-in-city if applicable (if special "conference train passes" are offered, etc.) Arrange for housing and feed of ponies. Open registration. Begin sponsorship process; set cutoff date for sponsorship that is more than 1 month in advance of the event. Check in with Marketing about event marketing plan. Place requests with Design team for shirt, sign, and badge designs. Open hotel pairing signup (on the wiki). Open hackfests, usertrack, and sessions "CFP" discussion. Begin user track planning. Find reliable pony breeder, select pony. Pay sponsorships as they come up. Pay FUDPub deposit, and other deposits as needed. Design team makes shirt, sign, and badge designs. Marketing does a push to local people/events. Ensure budget for pony is sufficient to sustain pony for next fiscal year.