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This is the main page for the 2010 Events FAD, which is a FAD focused on tools, infrastructure, and materials for Fedora events, with a focus on FUDCons (though much of the work will likely be reusable for FADs themselves).

Remaining TODOs

  • Max -- pay for everything hotel-related.
  • Mel -- finalize transportation plan back to the airport.
  • Max & Mel -- file expense reports.

Pages we've worked on

These pages need to have redirects made, be categorized, linked to each other, etc.

To finish this section

Ensure all docs and wiki pages linked or referred to from (in order of priority):

  1. Max's email (done)
  2. the Events_FAD_2010 page
  3. the entire weekend's IRC logs
    1. Friday, #fad
    2. Friday, #fedora-fad
    3. Friday, #freeseer
    4. Saturday, #fad
    5. Saturday, #fedora-fad
    6. Saturday, #freeseer
    7. Sunday, #fad
    8. Sunday, #fedora-fad
    9. Sunday, #freeseer
    10. Sunday, #fudcon-planning

...are (in order of priority)

  1. status updated (with an admon note)
  2. properly categorized
  3. link to each other where appropriate
  4. have consistent, up-to-date content (If you can't update a page in less than 15 minutes, give it to Jon (jds2001) to put on the "FAD Followup" list.)

The end deliverable here is a link to a wiki category page that lists all the pages that we worked on this weekend.


Thursday January 28

People arrived, a bit of pre-hacking. Some blog posts, below.

Friday January 29

IRC logs available:

Blog posts:

9:30 AM -- Start. Short opening talk by Max to make sure everyone knows what's going on from a logistics point of view, remind folks of the goals for the weekend, and documentation/publicity of our FAD. Make sure that remote participation is up and running properly. Update: Make plans in case of inclement weather.


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM -- Break up into our two tracks.

10:30 AM - AVBox track begins hacking in #freeseer. FUDCon 2.0 track is iterating on FUDCon#FUDCon_calendar.

1:00 PM - 2:00 PM -- Lunch will be delivered. Sub sandwiches from Jimmy John's, chips & drinks from Daddy Shadowman.

2:00 PM - 6:00 PM -- Break up into our two tracks.

5:00 PM -- Hard stop for Max, who has to run an errand that can't be avoided before the social event.

6:00 PM -- Hard stop for everyone else, so that we can clean up and make it to our social event on time.

7:10 PM -- Avatar on the IMAX 3-D screen. See below.

Saturday January 30

Original plans were scrapped in favor of continuing to work from the hotel, due to the (one-inch) "blizzard" that hit Raleigh Friday night.

Sunday January 31

Snow-in-Raleigh adventures continued, and we worked from the hotel for the last day as well.

Post-Sunday reflections


Track #1 -- FUDCon 2.0

Primary owner: Max

Overall goals

Refresh the entire "Premier Fedora Events" idea in our community. Break it down to first principles and build it back up, eventually refining processes, decision-making, and ownership. Then put this into practice as we plan 2010.


Basically a design thinking day. We'll start with an introduction to the design thinking process.

Here is an initial set of ideas, to seed the session:

  • At its core, what is FUDCon? What purpose is it meant to have?
  • If we were starting with the FUDCon idea right now, what are the goals that FUDCons should have? Both from the regional and annual perspective, as well as from the user or developer perspective. How do we decide what constitutes a good FUDCon? Does the formula need to be the same everywhere?
  • How do FADs interact with the FUDCon idea? Are we properly incentivizing people to hold them? What needs to be changed?
  • Are there any big holes or things not being achieved within Fedora that the FUDCon/FAD model could be modified to solve?
  • Generalized annual FUDCon cycle/calendar with FUDCons and Important Regional FADs and suggested times for them.
  • Expand that generalized list out into the next 18 months, or so.
  • What do we do with the following pages?
  • BarCamp -- have we outgrown it, or did we Do It Wrong in Toronto? How do we scale event registration and sessions scheduling? Is a set of wiki pages for a FUDCon still ok?
  • What is the ownership model for FUDCons and/or FADs? Who is needed? When does it need a stamp of approval to call itself a FUDCon or a FAD? What is the RACI?
  • How do we encourage people to do the "due diligence" and set up an informal sort of "bid process" around possible locations for FUDCons and FADs? What sorts of facilities are the minimum required?
  • How do we break down budget for a FUDCon or a FAD, and what does the sponsorship process look like?
  • User versus Developer.
  • Possible expansion to be more family friendly?
  • A repository of FUDCon templates and materials (letters, posters, etc) with instructions for customization.
  • FUDCon survey that can be used to chart our improvement over time.


See Max's summary email of progress from Saturday evening.

Action Items for Saturday
  1. Generic calendar FUDcons and Ambasador FAD with regional breakdowns
  2. 2010 instances communication
  3. Bid process incorporating old locations wiki page
  4. Define things that received good feedback and should be constant
  5. List suggestions for improvement that we need to act on
  6. HOWTO + Organization Page
  7. Clear attendee sponsorship process
Documents to draft

Here are the list of documents that we are teaming up to write and make available.

  • Bid process and bid content -- Max, David
    • This document will fix:
      • Less reliance on CommArch -- community ownership
      • Regional planned events by regional folks
      • Better local involvement
      • Establish approval process for FUDCon occurrence
    • This document might fix:
      • Budget process
      • Food details
      • Location (south in winter, north in summer)
      • Whether to attach to other major events
  • HOWTO run a FUDCon -- Chris, Mel
    • This document will fix:
      • Ownership model -- RACI
      • Budget process
      • Repository of materials needed
      • Have clear deliverables for a FUDCon event
    • This document might fix:
      • More social interaction
      • Encouraging new contributors to join
      • Providing a forum where people can ask "By the way" questions
      • Better on-ramping -- promoting connection to the community
      • Does not kill anyone
  • Clear attendee sponsorship process doc -- Paul, Steven -- DONE! Refer to Sponsoring event attendees
    • This document will fix:
      • Better budget/sponsorship process and tools


Basically a testing and putting-into-practice day.

Testers of Saturday's work (in #fudcon-planning)

  • 9:00 AM - 11:00 aM: FUDCon LATAM (Rodrigo Padula)

Track #2 -- FUDCon Live

Primary owner: Clint / Yaakov

Overall goals

  1. -- Define use cases for freeseer with regard to Fedora (and other community) events.
  2. -- Build freeseer software to meet top 2 or 3 use cases, beyond it's current capability.
  3. -- Get freeseer packaged into Fedora, including any gstreamer stuff that needs to happen.
  4. -- Get equipment purchased, tested, documented, etc.
  5. -- Create and test the participation and usage documentation, so that folks can run a FUDCon/FAD Live!
  6. -- Review the survey results and decide what we can do to make FUDCon/FAD Live a better experience
    1. Decide what our goals are
    2. Decide on the results we should see on the following survey
    3. Identify changes and the expected results
    4. After the next event or two, see if we've made improvement
  7. -- Document whatever is needed for worldwide replication, and any roadmap needed for future improvement.


The who's-working-on-freeseer-when schedule is available on the freeseer wiki.

  • As much of 1 and 2 as possible.
  • Determine current state of 4 and where we need to get.
  • Get any needed parts for 1 and 2.
  • Discuss 5.


  • Accomplish the remainder of 2.
  • Testing and progress of 1 with new versions of 2.
  • Discuss 5 if not already done.
  • Begin 3.


  • Finish 3.
  • Discuss 6 if not already done.
  • 7.

Wrap up the FUDCon Live page.


# FAS Name &
Full Name
in-person or remote? remote attendance
1 Mel Chua in-person
2 Steven Parrish in-person
3 Jon Stanley in-person
4 David Nalley in-person
5 Yaakov M. Nemoy remote I don't think i can make it for most of friday except the first hour
6 Max Spevack in-person
7 Clint Savage in-person
8 Chris Tyler in-person
9 Justin O'Brien remote
10 Paul W. Frields in-person
11 Dennis Gilmore in-person
12 Andrew Ross remote
13 Thanh Ha remote
14 John Rose remote
15 Rodrigo Padula remote

A note on remote participation

Live log

This FAD is specifically designed to be a combined in-person/online event, echoing the FUDCon/FUDCon Live arrangement in real FUDCons so we can more effectively test the deliverables we are producing. Remote participation is crucial to the success of this FAD.

There is no prep needed for remote participation: just show up on IRC. Anything else we need to do at that point, we'll figure out at that point.

Remote participation will be coordinated over IRC. The main channel for the FAD will be #fad, with freeseer hacking happening in #freeseer.

  • 9:30am on Friday: kickoff in-person and on #fad
  • 10:30am on Friday: freeseer hacking kickoff in #freeseer

Further updates on remote participation will happen both in-channel and on the fudcon-planning mailing list. Generally speaking, we will be in #fad during the day when we are working on FAD things; please pop in and say hi and we'll help you get started.

Logistics & budget


Contributor Carrier Depart Arrive Depart Arrive Cost Status
Mel Chua The Melmobile Will be in town from 1/24 for other business 1/24 Sunday Sunday $0 no action needed, just noting here
Clint Savage Delta 01/28/2010 1:50pm MST 01/28/2010 9:45pm EST 01/31/2010 6:00pm EST 01/31/2010 11:41pm MST $290.80 Purchased
User:Jstanley AA AA 4423, JFK-RDU 01/28/2010 7:30EST 01/28/2010 09:30EST AA 4537, RDU-JFK 01/31/2010 06:05PM 01/31/2010 7:55PM EST $164.40 Purchased
Dennis Gilmore AA AA 4157, PIA-ORD 01/28/2010 5:55 PM CST AA 3881, ORD-RDU 01/28/2010 10:40 pm EST AA 2091, RDU-ORD 01/31/2010 06:05PM EST AA 4368 ORD-PIA 01/31/2010 10:25PM CST $290.80 Purchased
Paul Frields The FPL-mobile Thursday Thursday Sunday Sunday $47.75 for gas Reimbursed
Chris Tyler Delta Delta 6498 YYZ-JFK 11:50am Delta 5482 JFK-RDU 4:35pm Delta 6580 RDU-JFK 5:00pm Delta 6763 JFK-YYZ 10:00pm $489.70 PURCHASED
David Nalley Nalley-mobile Thursday Thursday Sunday Sunday $37.15 for gas Reimbursed
Total to date: $1320.60
Name Carrier Travel to FAD, departure Travel to FAD, arrival Travel from FAD, departure Travel from FAD, arrival Ticket cost


We stayed at:

Best Western Cary Inn And Extended Stay
1722 Walnut Street
Cary, NC 27511 US

Four nonsmoking double rooms with microfridges have been booked, see roommate pairings below.

Roommate 1 Roommate 2 Check-in Check-out Nights Cost Status
Clint Savage Paul W. Frields Thu 2010-01-28 Sun 2010-01-31 3 see below paid
Jon Stanley Dennis Gilmore Thursday Sunday 3 see below paid
Chris Tyler David Nalley Thursday Sunday 3 see below paid
Mel Chua Thursday Sunday 3 $832.28 total for all 4 rooms paid
Conference room Saturday Sunday 2 $192.40 paid
Roommate 1 Roommate 2 Check-in Check-out Nights Cost Status
Total to date: 12 $1024.68

Equipment budget

What we didn't spend on travel, we'll spend on getting equipment to start making this an option for Events Kits.

Equipment we looked at:

Item Price
vga2usb $319.90 (with shipping - you can track our package here.)
minidv camcorder $186.49
Total to date: $506.39

Total budget

  • Original budget -- $3,000
  • Travel commitments -- $1320.60
  • Lodging/Space -- $1024.68
  • Equipment -- $506.39

Total cost: $2851.67 ($148.33 under budget)


If you're bringing toys - by which we mean "A/V equipment" - to play with during this FAD, list it here so we know what we've got to play with.

What is it? What is it for? Who is bringing it?
Zoom H2 High-quality USB microphone/mp3-to-SD card audio recorder Mel Chua
MiniDV camcorder +cable, can be used for live IEEE-1394 source Paul W. Frields
Alesis 1202 VLZ mixer mixer on hand if needed Paul W. Frields
Miscellaneous microphones hi-quality handheld dynamic, one large condenser Paul W. Frields
Various cables The band box o' doom, mostly 1/4" and XLR Paul W. Frields
Alesis 4-Channel Mixer (2) Mixing audio Clint Savage
logitech 720p usb webcam capturing video Dennis Gilmore
v4l-compatible webcam w/ mic Capturing video Chris Tyler
What is it? What is it for? Who is bringing it?


We have the ability to get a discount on pre-ordered concessions. You can get a small box of popcorn and your choice of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange Fanta, Dr Pepper, Powerade or bottled water. It comes as a combo pack, so you have to get both the popcorn and the drink, but you can give it away to someone else if you don't want something. Note what you would like below:

Our requests have been emailed in. Max is waiting for confirmation -- worst case, we'll buy stuff when we get there.

  • Max -- popcorn & coke
  • Jon -- popcorn & coke
  • Chris -- popcorn & Dr Pepper (2nd choice Coke)
  • Clint -- popcorn, raisinettes & Dr Pepper (Coke is a good alternative)
  • Mel -- popcorn and orange fanta
  • Dennis -- popcorn(no butter) sprite with cherry and vanilla syrup
  • Paul -- popcorn and water
  • Steven -- popcorn & coke
  • David -- popcorn & coke
  • Colby -- popcorn, raisinettes, and coke

Planning meetings