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At FUDCon F10 Raleigh, there was a session entitled "How to get your parents to use Fedora (and open source) which I, ClintSavage and many others attended. This page is intended to help get ideas here regarding the discussion before it was completely forgotten.


The goal of this FedoraFamily project page is getting the family to use Fedora and open source tools. Its possible that this project could fit under the or the sections. However, it seems this would be more of a way to help community members to provide tools, support and ideas of how to help family members easily and quickly rather than advertising or sharing the message.

We accomplish this goal by:

  • With Ambassadors and Marketing, provide Fedora to family and friends as either an primary or secondary install (alongside windows/mac/etc)
  • The system should work out of the box. Please fix all general issues before handing it over to them. (We need a list of these issues)
  • Providing a simple troubleshooting resource to those less educated about Fedora
  • Provide easy upgrade paths to tools as they become available (maybe EPEL, or something similar)
  • Give canned solutions on the wiki or documentation more exposure in some way


I'm sure there is much more here that needs to be said, but this is a good starting point for the document. If you are interested in modifying this further, please feel free to do so.