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Fedora For Kids

Fedora For Kids is a Remix as of now (might be a spin in future) which consists of tools and applications suitable for children of age group 8-15{class 2 to class 9}. We vision for a more suitable environment to encourage kids to understand Linux and Fedora in a better and easy way and to also aid teachers while doing the same.

Packages To Be Included

Please only add "Fedora For Kids" packages here!
This is a list of already packaged applications suitable for kids.
Package Name Brief Description Status
tuxpaint A simple drawing and colouring program for kids
GCompris got everything you’d want, from reading practice, to science, algebra, drawing, geography quiz and even chess
TuxMath game requiring quick thinking and a bit of math skill.
Child's Play Sound Association and several other activities
GBrainy Games that challenge your logic, verbal, calculation and memory abilities.

Applications To Be Packaged

Please only add "Fedora For Kids" applications here!
This is the list of unpackaged applications suitable for kids. If you are a packager and have time to spare, please pick one of these to package.

Also look at page dedicated to Apps. This page holds info such as the default applications, the default desktop environment and the rest.

We've moved this section to the Package Sprint. Hopefully, there will be a lot of packages.


No. Name Comments
1 Aditya Patawari Packaging, reviews and general coordination
2 Hiemanshu Sharma
3 Arun SAG Packaging new apps and creation service packs
4 Ankur Sinha Packaging new apps and helping new packagers
5 Narendra Sisodiya
6 Saurabh Sharma
7 Suchakra GUI Customization, Artwork, Testing
8 Arun Prakash
9 Luke Martinez Documentation, Testing. (i dont like being called a kid btw -_- :D)
10 Satyaakam Goswami
11 Prabin Kumar Datta


Useful Links


  • Plan out meetings to be held at regular internals
  • Choose a nice name for the spin
  • Create a second disc with service packs with anything extra (cant be put into spins)
  • Docs on how to use the second disc
  • Look for ebooks in public domain. Create a few, if required, which should appeal the kids. Use animation/graphics to make it interesting. See this thread
  • Talk to Design team to create a few wallpapers and themes more suitable for kids. See this thread
  • Organize a packaging sprint, preferably before
  • look into XFCE, KDE, Gnome and Sugar to find a suitable environment.
  • Look at
     yum groupinfo "Educational Software"