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=The Calendar for Fedora Insight =
=Insight Use Cases for Calendar =
=== Proposal Description ===
====An overview of your proposal====
Fedora Insight is a Drupal-based website that serves as a place to publish and share news, articles related to Fedora and Fedora marketing materials in various formats. This is used by developers, journalists and people who aren't yet a part of the Fedora contributor community. There are a lot of schedules, meetings are notified in Fedora Insight. Because of that, Fedora Insight should be centralizing schedules, events and meetings to keep track of them. Otherwise meetings, events or other notices might be missing for user.
Using a calendar, we can avoid those circumstances. That would be really helpful for managing the notifications for user. The Calendar of Event Mange for Fedora Insight’s objective is to fulfill those objectives in this summer.
====The need you believe it fulfills====
 View a calendar on a web page and edit it from there.
 Support individual calendars as well as shared event calendar.
 RSS feeds, .ics files importing.
 Filtering options to find specific events and schedules.
 FAS authentication for IRC and Fedora team meeting facilities.
 Creative UI
End of the project, the Fedora Insight user must feel comfortable in managing their schedules and notifications without any difficulties.
====Any relevant experience you have====
Applications development with PHP and Mysql.
Drupal customization.
Drupal module programming.
Servlet and Mysql based web project for a local mobile service company.
====How do you intend to implement your proposal====
• Develop OG, calendar module and relevant modules to create calendar and show only interest, schedules and group events. It allows filtering events further by location, specific time range.
• The calendar would be having similar characteristic as Google calendar.  Such as, importing RSS, .ics file.
• Events for the specific group will be post by group admin.
• Allow user to add events/reminders to the calendar which only view to user only
• Show relevant places for events on geographical map
• When Fedora schedule is updated, the module will merge those schedules in to the calendar.
• Arranged irc meetings would be marked on calendar on that day and time . The relevant group members will see notification.
• The chatting widget allow to user to connect irc with FAS logging. Qewbirc module would be useful.
• Connected other members will mark on geographical map.
• Past meeting minutes would be accessible with widget. Do not need to mail those for absent members.
====Final deliverable of the proposal at the end of the period====
A calendar with attractive UI and customizable notifies  for Fedora insight user’s managements purposes.
Inbuilt irc meeting facilities to Fedora Insight with authentications from FAS.
  ====A rough timeline for your progress====
5/21      Integrate calendar, OG modules and develop them +Develop filters        (2 weeks)
6/3        Develop filters and append to calendar.                                (1  week)
6/10      Hack FAS and integrate it with calendar. Design UI.          (1  week)
6/17      Interconnect relevant services to calendar.                        (1  week)
6/24      Test, debugs, modify UI                                                  (1  week)
7/1        General coding and prepare for mid evolution                            (1  week)           
7/9        Develop qewbirc and necessary modules for integrate irc chat. Design UI.(2  weeks)
7/22      Hack FAS and integrate in to chat widget.                        (1  week)
7/29      Test, debugging and modify UI.                                      (1  week)
8/5        Develop geographical map and integrate them.                  (2  weeks)
8/19      Final coding and prepare for final packages.                      (1  week)
====Any other details you feel we should consider====
When I noticed about “The Fedora Insight Calendar Project” I never knew about Fedora projects and Drupal. But I studied them quick and possible, while I had a exam and familiarize it before attend irc meetings. I avoid from taking University project that I must complete before this semester for attend in GSoC and successfully end the project.
=== Have you communicated with a potential mentor?  If so, who? ===
Peter Borsa
Buddhike Kurera
Maria Leandro
And also try to communicate with contributors who relevant to Insight Calendar Project.
Robyn Bergeron

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Insight Use Cases for Calendar