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== People ==
== People ==

* [[CategoryAmbassadorsIndia|Ambassadors]]
* [[CategoryAmbassadorsIndia|Ambassadors]] - This page is outdated. The automated script doesn't work since 2017. Listed ambassadors could be no more in activity and could not reply to your messages, while there could be active ambassadors not listed here.
* [[IndiaAmbassadorsByDate|Indian Ambassadors By Date]]
* [[IndiaAmbassadorsByDate|Indian Ambassadors By Date]]
* [[RegionalTeams/India|India Regional Teams]]
* [[RegionalTeams/India|India Regional Teams]]

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This is a master page to track all the links related to Fedora India.


Mailing List

Fedora India mailing list.

IRC Channel

We use #fedora-india on Freenode IRC network. Feel free to jump in and say hi!

IRC Meetings

Warning: This Section about IRC meetings is Potentially Outdated!! A good idea would be to follow up on IRC

We have regular IRC meetings too. Refer:

ISO, Media, CD/DVD



IRC Classroom Sessions