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| [ Lokalisten] || Fedora || || [[HenrikHeigl]]
| [ Lokalisten] || Fedora || || [[HenrikHeigl]]
| [ Twitter] (existing) || Fedora || || [[User:delete | MatiasKreder]]
| [ Twitter] || Fedora || || [[User:delete | MatiasKreder]]
| [ Twitter] (coming soon) || Fedora || || [[User:Pfrields | Paul W. Frields]]
| [ Twitter] || Fedora || || [[User:Pfrields | Paul W. Frields]]
| [] || Fedora Malaysia || || [[User:Izhar]]
| [] || Fedora Malaysia || || [[User:Izhar]]

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Current accounts

There are a lot of Fedora developers, users, friends and enthusiastic people all over the world. Here you are a list of Social Network links where you can find who we are and what we do.

Network Groups Links Manager
Linkedin Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors, Paul W. Frields, Pascal Calarco, Francesco Crippa, Jon Stanley
Bebo Fedora Project Keiran Smith
XING Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors SandroMathys, GeroldKassube and FabianAffolter
Flickr fedora linux
Facebook Fedora Core Rocks!, Fedora Core Users, Fedora-Linux, Fedora Ambassadors, Fedora Bangladesh, Fedora Malaysia
Plaxo Pulse Fedora Project
MySpace Fedora Project PatrickBarnes
Frappr Fedora Project RahulSundaram
wer-kennt-wen Fedora, Fedora Ambassadors HenrikHeigl
Lokalisten Fedora HenrikHeigl
Twitter Fedora MatiasKreder
Twitter Fedora Paul W. Frields Fedora Malaysia User:Izhar
Friendfeed fedora_linux Mostafa Daneshvar


We don't have much of one.
Perhaps you'd like to help us fix that - if this is a space you're excited about exploring, we'd love to hear from you. Please email the marketing list and let us know you're interested!
This page needs to be updated from a conversation log.
If you have a moment, please incorporate the discussion from the Marketing FAD 2010 into this page, and then delete this note. Full transcripts (the topic starts at 10:39) are available. If you let the marketing list know you've done this, we will thank you profusely, and also try to improve upon your work.

Past discussions


This section of our social network strategy doesn't have an owner yet.
If you're interested, please let the marketing list know.
  • Mirror everything to
  • Verified accounts and consolidation of accounts for RH and Fedora and JBoss
  • For Fedora:
    • Twitter accounts we care about are listed.
    • Goals for content:
      • Automated (get eyeballs)
      • Manual (for calls to action)
      • push content vs conversations (keeps us authentic)
    • QA and accountability (for quality of content)
    • Aggregate #fedora, #fudcon, etc. tweets
Allegheny students!
You may notice that this section is a stub. That means our microblogging strategy has not yet been fleshed in - in fact, it's waiting for you to help us do that. Start with the ideas and proposals - and remember, release early, release often! If you've spent more than 2 hours on something and it hasn't hit the marketing list yet, take 5 minutes and send it to the list with a 2-sentence status explanation before you keep going! You may want to start by reading/viewing/summarizing your impressions of the #Past discussions so far.

People to talk to: Jonathan Nalley, Mel Chua, Ryan Rix, Neville Cross, and anyone else you can find on the mailing list or IRC.

Remember: this process must be sustainable for F14 and beyond.
We'll be using this microblogging strategy for the F13 release at the start of May, but we also need to learn how to use it again for the F14 release at the end of October/start of November - so make sure someone else can follow the trail you make!

We have started the process of obtaining the @fedora account. See #116.