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Marketing FAD 2010 is over.
For transcripts and notes from sessions, as well as blog posts from attendees, see #Event reports. Work on these topics continues in the Marketing team - come join us if you're interested!

For planning details - logistics, how we put things together, budget, and a look at our original agenda - see the Marketing FAD 2010 planning page.

Event Reports


Day 0: Friday


  • Dinner

Day 1: Saturday


Action items

  • mchua: get Poelstra to add "do a marketing postmortem" to the Marketing schedule
  • rbergeron, yn1v: take goals articulated and bucketize into 3 groups: short-term, long-term, not-tied-to-a-specific-cycle - then post to wiki and email the list - ideas have been dumped to this page, Robyn to bucketize. Trac: #103
  • VileGent: review day 1 IRC logs
  • rrix: upload marketing plan to wiki, notifiy remainder of community via lists and blog to begin soliciting feedback and conversation
  • rbergeron: talk with ke4qqq about limesurvey and have moving-forward plan in place by April 1st, 2010.Mail sent for meeting setup.

Day 2: Sunday


  • Knowledge transfer from Red Hat Brand folks
  • Brand strategy brainstorm yielded lots of useful clarifying-of-thought as well as action items.
  • Entry points to Fedora - are they clear, simple, potential calls to action? Discussion on how to make these calls-to-action useful, especially to audiences that we haven't reached well in the past. ( Robyn wonders - do we have any documentation or a way we are going to turn this discussion into actually doing something moving forwards?)

Action items

  • mchua: turn brainstorm into tickets in the proper queues, and do a first push aimed at getting new contributors to pick those tickets up.
  • spevack: write a blog post clarifying thoughts/plan on translating Marketing deliverables (this is a long-term goal). (rbergero has sent mail to spevack)
  • spevack: add permanent Marketing meeting agenda item for web referral optimization (10 minutes every other meeting) and start a dialogue with the Websites team on how to go about this. (rbergero has sent mail to spevack)
  • rbergeron: brand book kickoff --> post f13 press push Ticket #107.

Day 3: Monday


  • Red Hat Summit 2010 briefing and plan of attack -- stickster to continue with this work
  • Discussion of Fedora and possible social media actions.
  • Everyone listened to Max deliver Red Hat New Hire Orientation
  • Presentation by Henrik Heigl on press relations
  • First cuts of press kit modules
    • Idea for a 4-fold envelope with each of our foundations, and some distro-specific stuff
  • Mockups for F13 release countdown icons, and rharrisson and duffy sync-up

Action items

  • Mel: Talk to Kara about another PR classroom session Should we put this in Trac? Need to know when - we should be sure to have a wiki page full of questions prior to meeting with Kara.
  • Get Social networks content and ideas on to the wiki, with a vision for actions that we can take down the road. Need to create appropriate tickets in Trac.
  • Robyn & Poelstra sync up on new schedule items for the Marketing team. Mchua - can you forward email or document which schedule items you discussed with poelcat?
  • Get the press kit modules centrally wikified with links and a master vision. Created tickets #104 and #105, assigned to Henrik.
  • Keep up with scheduled marketing deliverables that feed into the press kit. -- This is ongoing; tickets for all Marketing Deliverables are already in Trac.

Day 4: Tuesday


  • Video interviews with neville, henrik, robyn, russell, ben, & ryan
  • Round table discussion with neville, henrik, robyn, russel, & ryan
  • F13 preview video w/ stickster & notting

Action items

  • Max: put raw video into a centralized location Done; can Max or Ryan document the link for us HERE? (as in on this page)
  • Page with some video editing introductory remarks and mission statement/messaging goals - NEEDS OWNER, Mktg Trac #106.


# FAS Name &
Full Name
Where will you be
during the FAD?
1 Mel Chua Raleigh (from Massachusetts)
2 Henrik Heigl Raleigh (from Germany)
3 Ryan Rix Raleigh (from Arizona)
4 robyn bergeron Raleigh (from Arizona)
5 MaxSpevack Raleigh
6 Kara Schiltz Raleigh
7 Pascal Calarco South Bend, IN
8 Paul W. Frields Raleigh (from Virginia)
9 John Poelstra Portland?
10 Rahul Sundaram India
11 Ben Williams Raleigh (from Virginia)
12 Russell Harrison Raleigh
13 Neville A. Cross Raleigh (from Nicaragua)
14 Susan Lauber Boston (Sat-Sun) returning to NC Mon
15 John Adams Raleigh
16 Chris Grams Raleigh (part-time)
17 Jonathan Opp Raleigh
18 Heherson Pagcaliwagan Manila
19 Aamir A Bhutto Karachi, Pk
20 Justin O'Brien Richmond, IN
21 Hiemanshu Sharma India
22 David Nalley Raleigh (from South Carolina)

notes for next FAD

  • overall: perfect place, perfect agenda, perfect Orga! --wonderer 10:45, 22 March 2010 (UTC)
  • for a little bit better remote attendee: beam the IRC on an extra Beamer to the wall
  • record Conference Call (maybe topic selective)

--wonderer 10:45, 22 March 2010 (UTC)

  • Next time we should have a narrower focus and a single deliverable spec'd out ahead of time - the breadth of topics was good for a first FAD to give us an idea of where we stand, but I would do (for instance) a 2-day FAD only on the Brand Book for a 2nd round. Mel Chua 12:57, 22 March 2010 (UTC)