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Filesystem Layout

Fedora follows the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard with regards to filesystem layout. The FHS defines where files should be placed on the system. Fedora packages must follow the FHS. Any deviation from the FHS should be rationalized when the package is reviewed.

Some interpretations of the FHS say that the FHS does not prevent distributions from creating and using directories outside of the listed hierarchies (for instance, adding new toplevel directories to / or adding new directories under /usr). For the purposes of the Fedora Packaging Guidelines, new directories of this sort are not allowed unless listed in the Guidelines. If you feel the need for a new directory, please contact the FPC with a rationale for the directory and what category of software belongs in that directory. You may need to read the FHS to tell if a directory is already part of an FHS approved hierarchy.

There is a notable exceptions to this guideline for /usr/target (used for cross-compilers).