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Things to be considered for Packaging Guidelines

Has a Driver
Task Name Owner Target Date Notes
Java User:Akurtakov Discuss (under construction)
JavaScript abadger1999 Discuss JavaScript libraries packaging guideline draft Libraries Packaged. See discussion page for Unresolved Issues
Type Specific Guidelines abadger1999 Discuss User:Toshio/Type_Specific_Guidelines Talking with docs about this idea. Will send mail to packaging-list for input when we have something firmer.
OSGi Packaging Guidelines alcapcom Discuss PackagingDrafts/OSGiGuidelines contains needed modifications and different way to implementing stuff that need to be discussed before writing 'real' guidelines.
Common voice data framework dchen Discuss PackagingDrafts/CommonVoiceData
CMPI Plugin Guideline Matt Domsch Discuss PackagingDrafts/CMPIPlugins
Static Library PICness User:Ajax Next Meeting User:Ajax/Static_Library_PICness_Guidelines
Mark VCS in spec files walters Next Meeting User:Walters/Packaging_VCS_key_proposal
Use %{_isa} to make hardcoded Requires Arch Specific spot Next Meeting PackagingDrafts/ArchSpecificRequires
Perl Packaging Guidelines User:mmaslano Discuss PackagingDraft:Perl
Lua Packaging Guideline User:Salimma Discuss PackagingDrafts/Lua
Container Maintainer Guidelines maxamillion Discuss PackagingDrafts/Containers

Queued but Unowned
Task Name Owner Target Date Notes
libexecdir in FHS nobody started, first feedback from FHS' editors, ongoing Get involved in FHS discussions to resurrect libexec in the FHS: Mail thread Is this link correct?
issue moved up to FHS' bugzilla: Bug #101
Python virtual Provides nobody Later Python virtual provides draft Panu has been looking at this as part of rpm itself.
CFlags Prohibition nobody unknown Don't manually set CFLAGS in the spec, %configure should do it for you.
Patch Best Practice nobody unknown Remember that "Patch" is the same as "Patch0". You should consider using Patch0 for the first patch, since it removes any possible confusion as to which patch you're using. This is not required.
Files Generated by Scriptlets nobody unknown Policy on cleaning up things introduced in %post (and not creating files in %post.)
aclocal nobody unknown Should packages that place files under /usr/share/aclocal be required to have a Require: /usr/share/aclocal?
rpmbuild --with/--without nobody unknown Encourage using rpmbuild --with/--without for conditionally build parts of a spec. Discourage using --define 'with/without_xxx 1' and similar custom magic.
scons guidelines nobody unknown In the announcement thread for the cmake guidelines, it was suggested that scons guidelines in the same vein would be useful.
autoconf/automake usage nobody unknown Policy on using autoconf/automake in %setup or %build sections of a spec file and usage of older autoconf/automake releases. PackagingDrafts/AutoConf
Autogenerated doc package size guidelines nobody unknown Autogenerated documentation must be a reasonable size. This varies from package to package, but, as a rule of thumb, the compressed size of the documentation should be no larger than the source rpm.

Tabled (On indefinite hold)
Task Name Owner Target Date Notes
arch specific script packages f13 unknown Packages containing scripts that require programs or features which are not available on all platforms should not be noarch. Example: system-config-boot which requires grub
iconcache RexDieter tabled update icon (cache) handling / policy, PackagingDrafts/ScriptletSnippets/iconcache