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* [[User:Ascenseur|Joe O'Dell]]
* [[User:Ascenseur|Joe O'Dell]]
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* [[User:jullx|Jullx]]
* [[User:Tezcatl|Jesús E. Franco Martínez]]

== Resources ==
== Resources ==

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The mission of the Fedora Education SIG (Edu SIG) is to optimize Fedora for use by teachers and learners, both within and outside of the context of educational institutions.

We do this by building, maintaining, and evangelizing a strong ecosystem of educational packages within Fedora and by supporting learners in using these packages as tools to reach their curricular goals.

This includes, but is not limited to:

Plan of Action

Our first step is to build ourselves and others the tools we'll need to reach our goals. What makes it difficult for educators to use - and contribute to - the Fedora package ecosystem as a way to directly help them teach and learn more effectively?

Make a spin with tools for education package contributions

We are making a spin chock-full of development tools for contributing to educational packages within the Fedora ecosystem. For more information, see /Spin.

Invite classes to use our dev environment to work on educational OSS projects

This will happen once the spin is completed. We are currently targeting POSSE participants; we need to identify other audiences to reach out to. (Want to help? Start a list of ideas on this page!)

Build relationships between our new user-contributors and education software consumers

k12osn is a mailing list containing many teachers from around the world - a wonderful list of users for our users to work with. We should make sure both sides know this, and encourage them to work together!

Joining the SIG

Joining the Education SIG is simple: Just introduce yourself on the fedora-education-list and add your name below. If you are not yet a Fedora contributor yet you need to become a member of the cla_done group in the Fedora accounts system in order to get access to the wiki.


See /Meetings.



Here are the some wiki links related to this SIG.

Topic Note
Educational Apps list of edu apps including a wishlist
Spin Proposal work related to our spin goes in here
Agenda our agenda together with the meeting archives lives here

Friends at other distributions

There are educational projects by other distributions, mainly

  • the openSUSE project. Here is the educational page. You might also want to have a look at their wiki .
  • They also provide a list of edu apps.
  • KDE and their kdeedu packages.